Say what you will but this bitch spit on a cop claiming she had the Kung Flu and that they were “dirty whites” only last week.

Yesterday she was sentnced to seven months in jail.

Taking bets she wasn’t a Mormon.

A woman claiming to have the Chinese coronavirus and who spat on French police officers while calling them “dirty whites” was handed a seven-month prison sentence.

The incident took place in the commune of Longjumeau during a routine check. Since President Emmanuel Macron put France on lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus, residents have needed travel papers to move about.

Police stopped the woman and after she failed to present the required documents, she began insulting the officers, calling them “dirty whites” and saying “I hope you will all die of Covid.”

When officers attempted to place handcuffs on the woman she resisted and began grabbing officers and spitting on them while telling the police “I have the coronavirus, you’re all going to die,” according to Le Parisien.

…When the victim asked them to step back, “They seemed to take offence to this, which led to two of the group spitting directly into my face, going in my mouth and eyes, as they yelled ‘have corona b****’ at me.”

People who spit or cough at others as a threat can be arrested for common assault in the UK and face up to two years in prison.

Caroline Nisand, the public prosecutor of Evry-Courcouronnes, told the newspaper that the woman was well-known to police and criminal justice system, and that she had a long criminal record.

She was quickly brought before a local judge, who proceeded to find her guilty of several offences including an aggravated racism charge.

The officers, who expressed shock over the incident, were forced to take several days off of work to make sure they did not become infected with the virus.

The case comes after another spitting incident took place in Montpellier earlier this week in which a man was sentenced to eight months in prison for spitting on officers while also telling them he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“It was when he was in the cells of the Montpellier police station that he got angry and started spitting on the ground, insulting the police and yelling that he had coronavirus,” David Leyraud, assistant regional secretary of the Alliance Police Occitanie union, said.

In certain areas of France, police are having increasing difficulty enforcing the nationwide lockdown, such as the heavily migrant-populated Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis where local officers say they are overwhelmed.

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    Muslim most likely, but I’m not ruling out Kathy Griffin.

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