A church was burned in a No-Go zone:

A church in a Swedish ‘no-go zone’ with a large migrant population was set on fire, with some claiming that the blaze was started by Islamists.

Gottsunda Church, which is located in an area where half of the inhabitants are migrants, is under the branch of the Church of Sweden, which has repeatedly expressed its support for mass immigration.

According to reports, law enforcement quickly noticed that someone had set fire to the church’s wooden facade and were able to alert firefighters, preventing more extensive damage.

The blaze couldn’t be controlled with fire extinguishers but was eventually put out by the fire brigade.

Authorities say the fire was arson but are currently refusing to confirm whether the motive was religious.

“Gottsunda is classed by the police as an “extremely vulnerable area,” which is a euphemism for a notorious ghetto marked by rampant crime, unemployment, extremism, and lawlessness.

Over half of Gottsunda’s population of about 10,000 are immigrants. Arson attacks are not uncommon in Gottsunda,” reports Sputnik.

Archbishop Antje Jackelén responded to the fire by tweeting, “Feel anger when I hear about suspected arson at Gottsunda church.”

However, she faced an immediate backlash from people who accused her of failing to defend the faith while Sweden was subsumed by migrants from countries where hostility to Christianity is rampant.

“Many churches burn in the Middle East. Islamists burn them. The fact you did not understand that the same thing is going happen here is astonishing. Your ‘anger’ helps little,” one respondent said.

“That anger goes over if it turns out to be a Muslim who has lit it up,” tweeted another.

“Has the love-bombing started yet?” asked another user alongside an image of love hearts posted at the entrance to Uppsala Mosque in support of “victims of hate.”

As we previously highlighted, another church in a migrant-heavy area of Sweden was bombed on two separate occasions, with police acknowledging there was “a motive against the church.”

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    Confucius say: Burning church produces Holy Smoke.

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