The Communism Test

I needed an IQ test first. I couldn’t figure out how to take the test. Just kept clicking okay and ended up 33% commie. Then, after trying again, I figured out that the questions all have a “slider” that you move either right or left. I took the test again and found out I am 0% commie. I guess I won’t be voting for Bernie Sanders, but admitting that I couldn’t figure it out makes me just another dumb redneck. I already knew that.

The Communism Test

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  1. Drew45.8 says:

    That’s Ok. I took the testand after the first question I thought the whole test was asking about my understanding and knowledge of communism. So I scored a 96.

    “Your personal agreement with communism is high, indicating that you support most of communism’s principles and doctrines as identified by classical Marxian literature. You most likely support the abolition of private property, including private businesses, private ownership of land, and individual rights to the possession of immaterial property, patents, and works of art. Instead you prefer collectivized control of the economy and the means of production. Most likely, your ideal society is marked by a high degree of economic equality and the absence of social classes. You most likely also view capitalism as a major cause of human suffering, wars, and possibly also environmental problems.”

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