Harvard sucks the ass of ground apes and illegally allows them in using racial preferences.

Meanwhile, the truly smart whites and Asians are denied entry.

Almost half of all blacks and Hispanics who attend Harvard were admitted because of illegal racial preferences in admissions according to a brief just filed by the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice has filed a brief in a federal lawsuit filed by Students For Fair Admissions that says Harvard’s race-based admissions process violates federal law. This filing marks a extreme departure from the Obama Civil Rights Division that spent significant time and resources seeking to expand the use of race in decision making.

The brief filed by the Justice Department says Harvard “considers applicants’ race at virtually every step, from rating applicants to winnowing the field of applicants when attempting to avoid an oversubscribed class.” The brief notes that forty-five percent of African-Americans and Hispanics at Harvard are because of racial preferences given to them during the admissions process.

The Justice Department notes that providing blacks racial preferences has created a large class of victim applicants: Asians.

The brief portrays the Harvard admission process as wholly race-obsessed, seeking to produce outcomes based on race as a primary concern:

The school considers race at virtually every step of its admission process. And its officials constantly monitor and continually reshape the racial makeup of each admitted class as it emerges. Those mechanisms confirm that Harvard’s racial balancing is no accident; it is engineered.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I guess they had to resort to those tactics because the Ivy League shithole can’t qualify in it’s athletic program to lure the baboons.

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