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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    It’s a bit long but I’m throwing this idea I generated after consuming a bottle of Thunderbird strawberry wine vintage October 2019:

    What’s up in the current political arena? And how will the game play out?

    Keep in mind there’s two and only two sides to this game.

    1) President Trump, a few solid members of his inner circle and his Deplorables.

    2) Anti-Trump line-up:

    A-The entire American political spectrum including all Democrats and a good number from the Republican party

    B-The American Wall Street and Billionaire cartel

    C-The Judiciary system.

    D-The Federal bureaucracy (Deep Staters) including the FBI, CIA, Etc.

    E-The Main Street Media

    F-The Global elite + Several influential heads of foreign countries

    From before the 2016 election the global elite club were planning for a Trump election victory and after the November results they swung into high gear. They knew they had to take Trump in one swift decisive action and they soon realized the key was his astronomically growing economy. They knew that was a plan for the long game and had to devise some very clever feints and jabs to cover for their D-Day assault. So, the Deception was born.

    Ok let’s consider this. Haven’t we all laughed at the current show of clowns, i.e. the Democrat presidential primary contestants? “How can any of them hope to be the nominee?”, we ask. We’ll reality created by critical thinking tells me none of them will be the nominee or even intended to be the nominee. They are item #3 of the massive very well-planned deception contrived by the evil forces. #1 was the Muller investigation. #2 was the impeachment. All 3 were never going to achieve their goals. The massive 3-&-1/2 year smoke screen was launched to hide the real Trump dethroning sinister plan that’s unfolding currently.

    Now fast forward to the beginning of 2020
    The Corona virus was 1: Created by the Chinese military and kept in a lab waiting the launch date. 2: The spread was timed to explode about 9 months before the 2020 elections 3: The press’s duty was to ramp up the population’s panic using the media. Now the stage has been set for the final blow. The fact is the president is at his most exposed is when he’s absent from Washington D.C. and the county. His India visit was the signal for the Elite economist/Wall street moguls to strike and strike they did. In just two days the stock market shook, rumbled and tumbled by 5%. Stories abounded how 136 Billion dollars were wipe out from the economy in just a short 48 hours. Economic collapse played in the minds of millions

    Bingo; Trump’s Achilles heel was the target and the result would be a weakening of support by the middle- and working-class faction of his Deplorable base and some cracks appeared.

    But the job is only half done.

    Now onto the Democrat presidential game plan. Sometime around next May a new shining star will magically arise on the primary candidate platform. One that appeal especially to women and Black voters. The current candidates will like Bernie did in 2016 start to throw in the towels one-by-one so as to make the withdrawals from the race seem like random individual choices.

    The Democrat convention will be left with a solo candidate in the spotlight that was the intended choice from day one. Michelle Obama will ride on her sex, race and her husband’s legacy to eke out a victory at the polls just like Trump did in 2016. But eking out is just as good as a landslide.

    Now the four-year wobbling of the Globalist post WW-II playground ceases and life will return to “normal” in the elitist’s paradise.

  2. The Grunticus says:

    That’s pretty diabolical, Boggy. But many facets of the theory you posit have merit. However I don’t think Barry’s niglette can carry the baton across the finish line simply because she has too much baggage and virtually no track record of executive experience. The homocrats *may* choose a woman — perhaps black — but it won’t be her.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    You have been reading my mind Bogside. In all my years on this Blog, I was the
    only one to predict that the Democrat party would eventually implode. Now that
    it is happening, I am not sure what I see happening is real. In Sun Tzu’s Art of
    War he wrote, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”. The big question
    is “is this being orchestrated?” When Blow Job Billy and his lesbian wife left
    the White House, they salted the DNC with Clinton loyalist and they are still in
    control of the party today.

    Deep pockets Doomberg died of a self-inflicted wound in his first debate. The
    crazy Stalinist coot is being shredded like a head of cabbage by the Democrats
    and their kept whores in the media. If they take out the Stalinist coot, that
    leaves neurologically impaired, Alzheimers addled Gropy Joe as the last
    frontrunner standing. There is a larger issue to consider. If a candidate does
    not have an outright majority of the delegates, that triggers a brokered convention.

    Felonia von Pantsuit is a malignant Narcissist with an ego the size of the Andromeda
    Galaxy who knows how to buy enough super delegates to “win” a nomination. Do
    not count her out! If she is not at the top of the ticket, she will have her turn as a
    shadow president under Biden playing him like a ventriloquist dummy. This would
    be a wet dream for the GOP because rigging a national election is no easy task and
    all indications are that the Trump/GOP is going to win in a romp.

    Felonia von Pantsuit recently visited Dr. Finklestein’s plastic surgery clinic (coincidence?)

    The last debate was packed floor to ceiling with wealthy Democrat donors. They
    are in a panic to get Bootygig, Princess Gray Beaver, Doomberg, Steyr and
    Klobuchar out of the running. Have some hot buttered popcorn and adult
    beverages ready for the Democrat Convention. It may end up making the
    1968 convention look like a love-in!

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