You know when Bernie wins the nomination because democrats are a bunch of quislings too afraid to shut him down, he wants to stop deportations.

Did you know 85% of those people/animals are criminals?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s new promise to halt deportations of illegal immigrants during his first 100 days in office would keep free thousands of serious criminals with long rap sheets sought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a government report on removals suggests.

The latest ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations report said that 86% of those seized in fiscal 2019 were “aliens with criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.”

The report said that the ERO made 123,128 arrests and that “the criminal history for this group represented 489,063 total criminal convictions and pending charges.” This “equates to an average of four criminal arrests/convictions per alien, highlighting the recidivist nature of the aliens that ICE arrests,” added the report.

Biden, in his promise to pro-immigrant groups, made no mention of the crimes that those he would keep free have committed.

His appeal appeared to be based on a view that under President Trump, ICE has been conducting raids around the country and deporting those simply guilty of crossing into the United States illegally.

An aide told Buzzfeed that Trump’s team has been “indiscriminate” in targeting illegal immigrants.

But a former immigration judge who analyzes policy for the Center for Immigration Studies, Andrew R. Arthur, blew the whistle on Biden’s claims in a report today that highlighted how deportations have gone down in the past year.

What’s more, Arthur cited the ERO report to highlight that nearly 9-in-10 illegal immigrants who are arrested have been convicted or charged in felonies.

“Immigration affects our communities, our schools, our healthcare system, our economy, and our public safety. And Biden’s plan threatens each — especially our public safety,” said Arthur.

“What kind of aliens are we talking about? Well, in FY 2019, ICE ERO arrested 26,156 aliens with assault convictions, 4,658 with convictions for sex offenses, 3,407 others with sexual assault convictions, 3,581 with robbery convictions, 1,549 aliens convicted of homicide, 1,110 with kidnapping convictions, and 743 with convictions for commercialized sexual offenses. This does not include the 49,106 aliens who had been convicted of DUI, or the 47,453 with dangerous drug convictions, or the tens of thousands who were arrested but not convicted for the offenses above. Does anyone really want these criminals hanging around their neighborhoods for an arbitrary 100-day period?” he added.

What’s more, Arthur pointed out that ICE’s ERO can only hold someone for 90 days before deporting or releasing them. With a 100-day moratorium, arrests would likely stop, he said.

“It would make no sense to arrest and detain removable aliens only to have to release them,” he said.

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  1. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    85%? Only 85%?
    I thought it was 100%.
    As soon as you cross the border ILLEGALLY, or overstay your VISA ILLEGALLY, you are breaking the law, hence you are a criminal. Hence 100%.

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