Reduce your energy consumption and the price goes up.

I wonder why?

The costs of global warming continue to mount up.

Californians pay nearly the highest electricity prices in the continental United States, about twice as much per kilowatt-hour (kwh) as in nearby Oregon and Washington.

Nevertheless, California’s prices are probably not high enough.

Some of the fires plaguing the drought-stricken state were caused by electrical lines downed by falling trees and by malfunctioning transformers. These fires have caused billions of dollars of damage to homes and other property.

The resulting lawsuits have bankrupted Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE).

Ultimately, California’s electricity consumers will have to pay for what it costs to generate and transmit power safely and will do so in their electric bills. Since the current price of electricity in California, high as it already is, is insufficient to pay all of these costs, the price per kilowatt-hour will have to go up, probably a lot.

The price in California may soon equal or surpass the current rates in Hawaii ( 34 cents per kwh ) or in Germany (27 cents per kwh).

As the price of electricity goes up, it will motivate people to use less of it.

It will also encourage more people to install solar panels on their houses and businesses. These actions will reduce how much electricity PGE will need to pump through its lines, making it easier to operate them safely.

The coming price increases in California will not be pleasant.

Unreliable electricity would be worse.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The Cal-I-Fag-Its are too busy trying to score some Homo points to see they’re being fucked up the ass by the Din-O-Wit party in charge. Or maybe they’re actually enjoying the anal pounding.

  2. The Grunticus says:

    No biggee. The state assembly legalized marijuana so the electorate doesn’t feel the pinch whenever Gavin and his goons come a-sodomizing. Let them eat cake. My brother continues his residency there even though he professes conservative values. Last month a gang of vatos set upon his eldest son, fracturing the lad’s jaw and busting out some teeth as he was exiting a saloon. Trying as I might, I can’t seem to convince him to un-ass that shithole before the spixicans kill them all. You can’t fix stoopid.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    As is usual, the left inverts economic realities. Demands for higher mileage and
    lower CO2 rates caused our overlords in Sacramento to raise the gasoline taxes to
    offset the lower revenues. Demand EV’s and we were hit with the same “solution.”
    More demand for EV’s = higher electric rates and higher gasoline taxes. What the
    fuck are you going to do if you live in a wooded area and own an EV with 10 miles
    range left on the battery charge when the state cuts your electricity and you need
    15 just to get out of the fire zone? Yet another example of Marxist economic
    stupidity is the benign neglect philosophy of forest management that is the
    cause of all of these fires!

    I recently researched the materials used as insulators for high tension lines; Glass,
    Porcelain, and some form of high-temperature plastic. The highest temperature a
    plastic can withstand is not much more than 500F. Glass breaks in fires, and I
    found no data on Porcelain, but we are talking about 2,000F+ for a wind-driven
    forest fire. All it takes is for a series of insulator failures and the lines will start
    swinging like a dick in a shirt sleeve, which can cause arc flash and line breaks!
    Add hobo and illegal alien encampments, pot growers and their 20-ton trash
    heaps, and their campfires to the mix. (also problems of political origin)

    Out here in the High Desert (Red state Marxiforna), the setting is mostly rural
    with pockets of working, middle, and upper-middle classes. If energy prices
    soar, we are going to get boned in the ass with a 40 grit sandpaper encrusted
    condom wrapped over a corncob!

  4. The Grunticus says:

    That’s typical outta Suckramento, Leonard.


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