15 year old gets up at 4:30 to exercise and then go to school.

Her fans are baffled at that.

Her fans are fucking morons who can’t figure out that she goes to bed before 8 PM….making it easier to get up at 4:30 AM.

A YouTuber teen who rises at the ungodly hour of 4:35 AM to squeeze in a workout has baffled her social media followers.

Caroline Manning, 15, hits the gym first thing with her mom before a day of school.

The Texas-based social media star, who has 760,000 followers on the platform thanks to her singing videos, shared an insight into a ‘typical’ morning.

With thousands of people commenting about the early rising time, Caroline said: ‘Some of y’all are probably wondering, like, why am I working out in the mornings if I do CrossFit and stuff?

‘My grades have not been very good. But I’m going to take a little break from it. I’m going to start trying harder on my grades, even though this last six weeks of school has been so hard for me.’

Caroline snoozes for a mere five minutes before getting ready in her matching maroon athleisure set, taking her Glossier lip balm, a resistance band and hydro flask with her as she heads out the door before the clock strikes 5 AM.

At the gym, she stretches and warms up on the treadmill before diving into her upper body-focused strength training routine – pausing only to let out a yawn.

Post-workout, she drives back home with her mom, who also worked out.

‘That was rough. I was tired,’ her mom says to the camera.

While she showers and carries out her extensive getting ready routine, her mom prepares her eggs, cinnamon waffles and raspberries.

Caroline noted that she’s lucky her mom makes her breakfast, as she wouldn’t have the time to do so herself.

All fed by 6:45am, she is setting up her Tripod ready to record a vlog while she does her minimal makeup.

Talking to the camera, she reveals that her secret to getting a full night’s sleep is to use Apple’s ScreenTime function to disable her social media apps from 7 PM – 7 AM.

Another one of her secrets? Making sure she hits the hay by the early hour of 7:45 PM.

In another YouTube video documenting her evening routine, Caroline revealed that she needs to get as much sleep as possible – with the aim of getting around nine hours of snooze time – and therefore has to make sure she is in bed and ready to sleep before 8 PM.

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