From a reader so I will block quote it.

I had to re-format some of it but it’s all there.

It’s about how an actress was beat up for being white.

And how the Kept-Whores are sweeping it under that carpet.

And a great piece skewering a liberal who thinks we need to trust the media.

Interesting that this, an apparently factual incident, does not receive coverage like that given to the AH Smolett fiasco.

Legal Insurrection covers it.

WaPost & NYT? Where are ya? Oh, yeah, this does not fit your progressive communist agenda.

Out here where I live, in SD, the “Thanksgiving” message in the “news media” is heavily punctuated with the “Native American” take on “invaders” and “white man™️ taking our land” or “white man™️ violating the treaties”.

I suspect that if the progressives communists who run the WaPost or NYT had their way, the country would be turned over, wholesale, to “Natives” and blacks (oh, dat rite, “African-Americans™️”) and (illegal) “immigrants”. (Can you say, “Zimbabwe West”?) While those writers, and Bezos types, stay behind their fortified and gated communities, protected with firearms that will be taken (they hope: good luck) from Joe American.

And those writers think Joe American is “unpatriotic” if he does not get his “news” from the MSM:

See this: (a gutting of the article below on how Americans believing the media is a patriotic duty)

Original article here.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving. We can be thankful we don’t live in CA, VA (sadly), MA, IL, OR, WA, VT, MD, NY, NJ. All neo-communist states.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    And those Honkies aren’t allowed to carry firearms for self defense in the Big Apple thanks to the Democrat lawmakers.

  2. The Grunticus says:

    Why couldn’t it have been Rosie O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow?

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