Girl decapitates grandma’s dog.

Puts head in dresser drawer.

A teenage girl from Tennessee is facing trial charged with animal cruelty for the brutal and sadistic killing of her grandmother’s pet dog.

After allegedly decapitating her grandmother’s Shih-Tzu dog, Kyoko Smith, 18, placed the dismembered head in her bedroom drawer.

Court records also stated that Smith cut the dog’s heart out and kept it in a freezer and, according to a police affidavit, the teenager was alleged to have sent photos of the dead animal to her mother’s phone.

Police were called to a property in Miller’s Pond Circle in southeast Memphis on November 13, just one week after the teenager’s 18th birthday, where investigators say Smith quickly admitted to killing the dog.

According to local news network Fox13, a Shelby County judge charged Smith with killing the animal and released her on a $5,000 bail.

Judge William Anderson also ordered Smith to attend counseling as part of her bail conditions, and Smith is required to prove that she has been seeking psychological support before her next court appearance.

Under Tennessee law, the killing of an animal is a Class E felony, which carries a prison sentence of between one to six years in prison

Local news channel KFVS12 reported speaking to one of Smith’s neighbors, who alleged that they once found Smith looking over their garden fence and staring at their dog late one night.

“I asked her, ‘hey, what are you doing?’ She said, ‘oh your dog is cold, your dog is cold.’ That’s the only thing she’d say,” said the neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous.

Smith’s next court appearance is scheduled for December 9.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Ya sure it’s a “she”?

  2. BobF says:

    Trump just signed a law making animal abuse a felony.

  3. Eskyman says:

    That gal has more problems than just animal cruelty. She belongs in an asylum for the criminally insane.

  4. dekare says:

    Future murderer and serial killer. Just kill her now.

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