World Series Coverage

At least the World Series was worth watching this year…

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Boob coverage? What a disappointment. Just a couple of firm tits when I was expecting the entire Democrat presidential candidate clown show to appear.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I broke my decades-long boycott Major League Baseball by watching the last
    three innings of game 6 and the last inning of game 7. Living in the Los Angeles
    area, I had two choices; the Dodgers (who I hated with a passion,) and the Angles.
    I always favored the underdog and the Angels were the Nationals back then. They
    had never played in a world series game. Mike Whitt pitched a great 8-2/3 innings
    and the Angeles had a one-point lead. All Whitt had to do was retire a single
    batter and it would have been on the World Series.

    Instead of letting Witt close out the game, the Angel’s coach brought in a
    reliever who gave up 3 or 4 runs. Any time you bring in a reliever, you run the
    risk that he may need a few innings for him to get in the groove. I called this
    move pulling a Lasorda. The fat ass Dodgers coach would make pitching
    changes if the wind changed direction. In one game, he ran out of pitchers
    and Lasorda put a short stop on the mound. The guy did a better job than
    the half-dozen Pitchers Lasorda went through in the game.

    My dad’s crowning achievement came when my step-mother was lent a box
    seat near the Dodgers dugout from her boss. He got oiled up on Budweiser
    and shouted “Open up another can of pitchers, Fatboy!” Lasorda probably
    never connected his revolving pitcher strategy with the fact that his team
    sucked harder than Linda Lovelace that season.

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