Was This Overkill? You Decide

The cops in Greenwood Village, CO, tried to get a suspect out of a house, destroying the home in the process. The suspect barged into the home and a shootout with the cops ensued. The city eventually offered the homeowners $5000, after they condemned the home and it was torn down. Here’s an earlier report on the whole incident, along with a good look at the damage the SWAT team did getting the suspect out of the house.

It’s great to live in the land of the free. My opinion? Well, the bad guy is definitely on the hook financially, but that’s like getting blood from a turnip. The cops? These guys need to protect the public and the guy was a threat, but destroy the house to get to the guy? At least they could have burned the place down like the FBI did to David Koresh in Waco. Maybe the owner could have gotten some compensation for fire damage. I know one thing, I wouldn’t want these morons coming to my house in a similar situation.

Here’s what happened in Granby, CO, in 2006, when the city government pissed off one of the residents there:

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3 Responses to Was This Overkill? You Decide

  1. The Grunticus says:

    Definitely an “assault weapon”.

    Notify Beaner O’Rourke that he should begin confiscating all bulldozers.

  2. Eskyman says:

    The cops were after the criminal because he shoplifted from a store. At that time no one knew he was armed.

    So this home was destroyed because the police wanted to arrest this shoplifter so very badly that they used every force available to them to get their man. Yeah, I’d say that was overkill!

    In some jurisdictions cops have to call off chases if it might endanger the public. I guess it’s good that no one but the suspect was in that house, they’d have been riddled by all the gunfire if they had been. Also good that they didn’t have a dog; cops always shoot the dog (makes me wonder how many moslems are cops these days.)

    The family who owned that home IMHO have every right to be compensated by the Police Dept, out of their budget, to indicate to that Department that they aren’t soldiers, they aren’t in a war & shouldn’t be using tactics like they are! What’s next- mortars? Artillery? Saturation bombing?

    Bring back Mayberry, and give Barney a snap-cap instead of a cartridge!

  3. dekare says:


    How about rebuilding the damned home and providing a place to live while the home is being rebuilt. I suggest the police chief’s home be made available to this family while the work is being done. That way, it might happen quickly.

    Seriously…how the hell is this justified?

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