An Obama Doing What Obama’s Do Best

Here’s Moochelle attempting to further divide blacks and whites. I’ve never quite grasped her motivation, but that’s probably because I don’t have her mindset. Liberals may be in love with this woman, but she’s just another race baiter who wants to further divide our culture. Martin Luther Kind Jr. would be ashamed of the Obamas and their attempts to divide us all.

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6 Responses to An Obama Doing What Obama’s Do Best

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    She can always go back to living in Chicago…

    Oh that’s right

    Ms Obama lives in a multi million $$$ house in the middle of WhiteVille!

    I guess she ran too!

    Happy 🎃 Halloween

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    Which proves she’s not entirely stupid. White flight exists and so does black flight but nobody ever mentions that (aside from George Jefferson). Hell yeah, they get a few bucks and get out. Not that they will ever admit it, but the happiest black people in the world are the successful ones where they’re the only blacks living in an upper middle class or better white town.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Gee, Chewbacca’s speech has improved 100%. I couldn’t understand a single word in 1977, but I can easily grasp the message now. I wonder, however if Oprah wrote the script?

  4. BobF says:

    I think she made this statement from Martha’s Vineyard.

    I was talking with a young black guy I had worked with last year. He ‘s from North St. Louis, Ferguson area, and said his parents moved out of there into a much nicer area. He was joking that they waited until he moved out of the house before moving.

  5. dekare says:

    What about black flight as well. I don’t see mooch and obozo moving into the hood. Nope…they moved their black asses into a white neighborhood. Sorry…but there is NO PLACE AT ALL THAT IS NICE where the majority of the neighborhood is black…NOWHERE!!!!!

    Blacks that want better lives move to white neighborhoods…it’s that simple. Everything you need to know about black people was taught by Chris Rock. Just watch his sketch on black people versus niggers. Whites don’t flee from black people moving into the neighborhood…whites flee from niggers moving in. I have a black neighbor who has three boys and though they may be boys and have some wild fun here and there…they are not breaking into neighboring homes or trashing the neighborhood. They are GREAT neighbors. She keeps her home very nice, and her yard nicer than mine dammit. I would take neighbors like her all day long and there is no white flight from people like her coming to live here.

    Whereas when niggers move in…as the saying goes…there goes the neighborhood. Niggers are so lazy, they don’t even bother to go a few blocks away to commit burglary…they rob on their own street and hell…even next door. They come over not to visit…but to case the joint.

    So fuck you mooch and your commie muslim faggot life partner. Put your stolen millions where your mouth is and go “invest” in a black neighborhood…don’t fly away…move in. Join your hoards of wonderful poor, welfare havin, baby burpin, ghetto bunnies in the hood and let me know how great it is after a few months. You hippo-crit.

  6. Leonard Jones says:

    Drew reminded me of an experience I had. I took a floater to photograph a bicycle
    race on MLK day as a favor to a black coworker who managed the race. He saw
    how Tiger Woods got a lot of black kids into golf, and he was a big fan of Lance
    Armstrong. He was doing his best to “give back to the community” by getting
    inner-city black kids into cycling.

    As we neared MLK Blvd. he pointed to a hill and said that’s where all rich black
    people live. I said, yeah but they’re all drug dealers and pimps. He understood
    my sarcasm, and I went on to tell him that the George Jefferson’s on the hill
    were probably small business owners. These are the people who own the
    auto repair and body shops, restaurants, etc.

    White flight is a real thing. South Central Los Angeles was a white middle-
    class neighborhood centered around a Catholic church. When the streets
    and schools became war zones and when property values suffered, it
    took less than a decade to turn a once-thriving suburb into a ghetto.

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