Silicon Valley Group (read: rich bastards) is hosting a poverty simulation for rich people.

I wonder if this will be like the homeless simulations where rich people get to sleep in sleeping bags under bridges……watched by armed guards.

The city of Cupertino, California, will host a “Poverty Simulation” with two organizations designed to help the residents of Silicon Valley understand the poverty that surrounds the wealthy community.

The City of Cupertino and West Valley Community Services will sponsor the two-hour Poverty Simulation on Nov. 2 in joint partnership with Step Up Silicon Valley, an organization focused on reducing poverty in the community. The event aims to immerse participants in the “reality of a Silicon Valley that grows in disparity as much as prosperity,” according to its advertisement.

“The poverty simulation replicates the struggles low-income folks face trying to navigate the social services system,” Sujatha Venkatraman, associate executive director at West Valley Community Services, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Participants will have to rely on information and access to resources. In the process of doing so, they can get evicted, lose their jobs and other crisis.”

“Silicon Valley is one of the most affluent areas in the United States, yet poverty runs deeper than one may think,” a flyer for the event stated. “According to recent reports, more than 30% of Santa Clara County residents cannot afford basic necessities each month without financial assistance.”

Participants in the Poverty Simulation will “work to overcome barriers to social services, live off in-sufficient income, and encounter unforeseen economic obstacles along the way.”

This is not the first Poverty Simulation that Step Up Silicon Valley has been involved in. The group advertised another Poverty Simulation run by the People of HOPE Lutheran Church in January 2018 as “a community engagement experience that shows the reality of a Silicon Valley that grows in disparity as much as prosperity.”

The organization’s website includes a description of “Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS),” which the group described as “a unique tool that can educate everyone, from policy makers to local community leaders, about the day-to-day realities of those living in poverty in Santa Clara County.”

During CAPS, participants form into families “that work together to overcome barriers to social services, live off insufficient income (e.g. $2000/month for a family of four), and encounter unforeseen economic obstacles along the way.”

The City of Cupertino and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County have not yet responded to requests for comment as to what kind of specific activities will be conducted at the Poverty Simulation.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Rush Limbaugh has said these Billionaire/Millionaire assholes pander to the scum of the earth so the bums won’t target them. They like they care and want to demonstrate their oneness with the smelly unwashed, drunken, druggie vermin, but then go back to their guarded walled million dollar estates, drink $100 a bottle wine and eat Ruski caviar. Yes, Tom “the phony douchebag wannabe, but never will be president” Styer I’m talking about you.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    In the late 80s Limbaugh covered a story about a bunch of Hollywood leftists who
    rented a luxury suite and dined cross-legged on the floor on rice, beans, and some
    ethnic flatbread to show solidarity for the world’s poor. Only in America can you see
    people piling out of limos, stepping over homeless people on the sidewalks to engage
    in a purely symbolic act. It has about as much effect all those times my mother
    tried to get me to eat my veggies because “people were starving in China.”

    The only Thomas Sowell book I ever read was called Vision Of The Anointed: Self
    Congratulations As A Basis For Social policy. The central theme was that liberals
    don’t really do much besides engaging in moral preening. The only work they did
    in the Limbaugh story was to roll up the blankets they were using and tossing them
    in their limos on their way back to their mansions. Or as Sam Kinison put it when
    he was carping about all those guilt trip riddled commercials about the famine
    in Ethiopia, “You feed him, Dave you’re only five fucking feet away!”

    PS How can you tell a rich Ethiopian from a poor one? He’s the one with a
    gold Rolex around his waist. The Ethiopians at least had an excuse, they
    were being kept away from some of the most fertile farmlands on earth
    by their own government. It is hard to have a single fuck to give about
    the homeless, who choose to be homeless.


  3. redneckgeezer says:

    They should just throw a big shindig with a sign out front that says, “Learn to Code” and see how many journalists show up.

  4. The Grunticus says:

    Let us not forget empathetic philanthropist Martin Sheen who, a few years back as mayor of Malibu, decided to stand in solidarity with the homeless one night by kicking some inner-city wino off of his sewer grate and sleeping there while the freezing drunk was forced to pound sand. Or Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Retards who held a rotating hunger strike to highlight the hopelessness of the third world’s starving hordes — each of them served a foodless eight-hour shift as the others clad in 24K gold chains, cashmere hoodies, and thousand-dollar sneakers solicited donations by waving tin cups at passers-by.

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