Car Girls


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2 Responses to Car Girls

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Big Bazungas, tight bodies and Peggy Bundy style hair circa 1968. But imagine what they look like right now!

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    How they look now? Dead or nearly dead?

    Sorry, I don’t get this fixation and I’m getting bored with it. None of them are cute or pretty; barely attractive at best. Take away their cans of Aqua Net, and you’d never give them a first glance let alone a second one if it wasn’t for those god-awful 60s bullet bras and their massive floppy veiny tits with droopy areolas the size of saucers stuffed into them. And their bodies aren’t even close to tight. They’re soft and squishy, on the very edge of chubby, with enough cellulite to open a cottage cheese factory. Now add in the untrimmed “free spirit” 60s bush big enough to park a car in that runs halfway down their thighs and up their ass crack. YUCK.

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