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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    This shit just keeps getting better and better. Someone took a good look at
    the so-called “whistleblowers” complaint and discovered that it was written
    in American legalese. Translation, it was likely written by Democrat staff
    lawyers. Also, someone with an intelligence background viewed the
    document and noticed that it was totally lacking in intelligence jargon.
    The document was supposedly written by a CIA officer, so it looks like
    yet another Democrat party hoax.

    Some people (myself included) concluded that this impeachment threat
    is a hoax to take the focus off what could be the mother of all political
    scandals and the election of a populist president in Ukraine has the Donks
    scared shitless that he might cooperate with another populist president
    (Donald Trump.)

    Others believe that the reason for all of this is to dump Slow Joe Biden
    and hand the nomination to Princess Graybeaver. If this is true, the
    Donks may have committed the mother of all fuck-ups. I read a story
    that a number of wealthy donors from Wall Street and business have
    threatened to sit out the election or back Trump in 2020 if Warren
    ends up the nominee. She went so far to the left she is making
    AOC look like a moderate with all her threats to punish businesses
    and the wealthy.

    If this is theory is correct, I can see Felonia von Pantsuits fingerprints
    all over this!

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