Cop Fired For Having Historic Memorabilia In His Home

Muskegon Police Officer was fired for having Confederate Flags hanging in his home along with a framed KKK application from the 1920’s.   Guy was selling his house and a potential buyer, a black man, saw the application and became frightened and filed a complaint.   Seems the officer is a big Dukes of Hazard fan, having attended their conventions, and has their memorabilia which included Confederate Flags.   He’s also a history buff who’s fascinated by American History from the 1800’s to 1960’s, so hence the KKK application.

A white Muskegon police officer created a controversy within the city last month after a black man discovered Ku Klux Klan memorabilia inside his home, which was up for sale. Now, the officer is saying he had the items because of his love for history and a classic TV show.

Muskegon City Manager Frank Peterson and the city attorney’s office have released a 421-page report on the investigation of the now-fired Charles Anderson, as well as his history as an officer.

According to the report, on Aug. 7, Robert Mathis toured Anderson’s home in Holton with his family and a Realtor. He then posted a picture on Facebook of a framed KKK application he came across. Mathis said in the post that he and his wife, Reyna, had been house hunting for more than a month and thought the house “would be perfect” for them. He also mentioned seeing Confederate flags on the walls, dining room table and garage.

In an interview with the city, Anderson confirmed that he has a Confederate flag hanging in his garage, a Confederate flag-decorated hot pad on his dining room table and a framed, blank copy of a KKK application from the 1920s.

He said the flags are a part of his extensive “Dukes of Hazzard” collection. Anderson “loves everything” about the show and has been to the fan convention, Duke Fest, several times.

Anderson said the KKK application is related to his passion for U.S. history from the late 1800s to the 1960s. He describes himself as an amateur historian who likes to collect antique items from that time period. He bought the application about six years ago in Indiana.

The former police officer did not remove the item from the wall because he forgot it was in his antique collection room. He said if Robert and Reyna Mathis had contacted him, he would have explained why he had those items and apologized.

Anderson adamantly denied he is a part of the KKK and pointed out that as a Catholic, he would be considered “a target” of the hate group.

Something we’re not taught in history about the KKK but only about 30% of their victims were Black.   The other 70% were Catholics, Jews, and Republicans.   If you travel in the South, except for a few areas, you won’t find many Catholic Churches, not like you will in the North.

According to news reports, Mathis is a U.S. Army veteran who was born in Detroit. He said in a news interview with MLive that Reyna is a Muskegon native. 

In the report, Mathis said he toured the home because he and Reyna were looking for a residence that had a significant amount of land so that the two of them, along with their 12-year-old daughter and 21-year-old son, could spend more time outdoors. 

Mathis said he became displeased when he saw the Confederate flags and that the KKK application was a deal-breaker for making an offer on the house.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god! This is, this is, oh, I’m getting out of here,’ ” he said during the interview.

Mathis was disturbed not only by the flag but also because Anderson was a police officer.

“If he had just been anybody else,” he said, “I would’ve just told my wife, you know, let’s put an offer in on the house.”

When asked whether he had contact with one of the owners, Mathis said he did not. In addition, he admitted that he had run-ins with police in the past and may have been arrested by Anderson.

The report later confirmed that the officer had six encounters with Robert and Reyna Mathis, dating to July 2008.

It turns out this black couple had six encounters with this police officer.   They knew exactly who he was when they filed their complaint.   You don’t look at a house to buy without looking up who the owners are and if you have a run-in with a cop, you’ll always remember him, whether it was good or bad.   Six encounters with just this particular cop alone?   They must really be model citizens.

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3 Responses to Cop Fired For Having Historic Memorabilia In His Home

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Sounds like the officer needs a good law-firm. From the account it’s “reverse racism”. A term that doesn’t exist in a Liberal dictionary.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    On Memorial and Veterans Day I put out my 3×5′ American, Gadsden and Dixie flags.
    There is a black neighbor who commented about the Dixie flag to my roommate, who
    then told me about it. He did not pitch a bitch like some offended snowflake, but I
    do not know where he lives but if he drives by on 11-11, I would love to have a chat
    with him. These two Holidays are special to me. They allow me to honor our veterans
    and those who gave their lives in conflicts from the American Revolution to the War
    on Terrorism.

    The Civil War was a special case. An act of Congress granted veteran status to all
    confederate soldiers who served in the war. You cannot make the claim that all
    Civil War reenactors in gray are racists any more than the guy who dresses up as
    a Wehrmacht soldier at gun shows. I made the mistake of inviting an old Dutch
    couple to the Pomona Gun Show back in the early 80s. The old lady was shitting
    peach-pits at the Hitler Youth and Nazi soldiers. Jack, (her husband) smiled
    when he spotted a young man in a WWII Dutch military uniform. I did not think
    about this until after the event, but it was highly likely that the guy in the uniform
    was Dutch and should have asked him to strike up a conversation.

    Click to access 425.pdf

  3. Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman says:

    MELT, ya little faggot black snowflake, HURRY UP AND MELT!!

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