A “positive ticketing” campaign where people obeying the law get stopped and given vouchers.

Imagine being late for a job interview or a doctor appointment and find yourself getting pulled over by a cop only to get an attaboy and a free drink voucher?

Following confusion and outrage over Tempe Police Department’s new “positive ticketing” campaign, police officials promise no one will be pulled over for following the law.

The department started a new initiative Monday called the “Positive Ticketing Campaign.” Channel 12 (KPNX) initially reported officers would be pulling people over to issue Circle K drink coupons to people following traffic laws.

The social media response was swift and critical, with local legal experts challenging the constitutionality of such actions.

Several hours later, Tempe police spokesman Det. Greg Bacon clarified that officers won’t actually be pulling anyone over.

“We’re not violating anyone’s rights,” Bacon told The Arizona Republic. “The intent is not for officers to stop cars, pull over a bike or detain anyone under any circumstances. It’s simply an educational campaign on scooter, bike and pedestrian safety.”

Bacon explained that a school resource officer may give a student wearing a helmet while riding a bike a coupon if they see the student around campus or a patrol officer might hand a coupon to someone in line at a fast food restaurant if they saw them properly yield to a pedestrian.

“No one is under any obligation to have a conversation with a police officer,” he said.

The department also tweeted that the campaign “will not be proactively stopping vehicles, bicycles, scooters or pedestrians.”

However, the clarification has yet to alleviate the concern festering on social media.

Seth Stoughton, an assistant law professor at the University of South Carolina and a former police officer, said pulling over vehicles without probable cause of a traffic infraction or reasonable suspicion of a crime is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure.

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“It’s well-intentioned and I applaud the commitment to building positive police community relations, but you still have to obey the law,” Stoughton said. “If you’re stopping cars that haven’t violated the law, the stop violates the law.”

Analise Ortiz, campaign strategist for ACLU Arizona, called out the department in a tweet Monday that referenced the shooting of 14-year-old Antonio Arce by Tempe Police Officer Joseph Jaen earlier this year.

“Tempe cops: the community doesn’t trust us after we shot and killed an unarmed teen (sic) what do we do

“Sure, someone might be happy to end up with a drink voucher instead of a ticket, but I suspect most people would be happier not getting pulled over at all,” Stoughton said.

Departments nationwide have tried similar campaigns, particularly during the holidays. However, Stoughton said they fail to build positive community relationships as it’s still an “enforcement encounter.”

Stoughton suggested alternative initiatives, such as Coffee with a Cop (which Tempe police already do) or other positive interactions.

“If police want to send the message that they’re community servants, then don’t do things that look like law enforcement,” Stoughton said.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    My car will flow over with vouchers. I always obey traffic laws. I obey posted speed limits, use signal turning (300 feet previous to the turn) or changing lanes, allowing one car length distance for every 10mph from the vehicle in front of me, come to a complete stop (total absence of motion) at stop signs and scan all 3 rear-view mirrors ever 30 seconds to be “situational alert”. No cellphone or even just turned on allowed. See some idiot run off the road and into a tree? Just keep on driving, keep looking at the road for hazards and hope they die slowly and horribly. Stopping for a yellow light gives me an orgasm. It’s an achievement I year for on a daily basis. I’m a critical thinker not an emotional driven, instant-gratification nitwit . About the only thing I can’t avoid with all my common sense rules is being rear-ended. But the rear-ender better hope they either kill me or render me unconscious cause I have ways of bringing retribution to the asshole and it’s not as simple and painless as a civil law suit.

  2. BobF says:

    Tempe Arizona? You can see it right now. Cop pulls over someone to give them a Positive Ticket but the person is a drug runner who’s armed. Cop walks up to car and drug runner pulls gun and opens fire.

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