This article nails it.

Democrats run all the broke, rat infested cities.

Of course, we all knew this but it’s a great one to send to liberal pals and demand they explain why it is happening.

Congressman Elijah Cummings may honestly believe that his district in West Baltimore doesn’t stink.But it does.I’ve been there, I’ve seen and smelled it.Bernie Sanders called it “the third world” back in 2016.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Especially to those bathed, clothed, and dipped in the intoxication of corrupt power, but that’s why sunlight is so helpful.

And disinfecting!

Rep. Cummings, while being very obsessed with Russia, seems utterly bewildered with the idea that anyone could dare question why so many billions of federal dollars flow to places like West Baltimore when they are obviously doing no good.

Look at other cities in similar dilapidation and there holds a unique truth: Democrats run them all.

How long will sewage run down the streets of San Francisco? How long will St. Louis, Detroit, and Baltimore, continue to rotate as the nation’s most dangerous crime infested metros? And how long will federal dollars keep chasing bad money with new?

None of the elected officials seem to know—much less care.

Why would they?

They look and see that Elijah Cummings has been a “public servant” for most of his life yet owns not one but two homes.

Bernie Sanders owns three.

Nancy Pelosi owns at least ten properties, and has a net worth of $29 million. On a salary of $223,000.


But in San Francisco—or the West Coast version of West Baltimore—which is Nancy Pelosi’s home district, you literally can download an app to help navigate the streets with the least amount of fecal matter as possible.

Seattle is just as bad. Los Angeles has zoomed past them both.

And according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report and as reported in the USA Today (from Feb 19, 2019), the top 10 most dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats.

The overwhelming majority of them are also all governed by Democratic Governors. And the Congressional districts represented are also majority Democratic.

Did I mention that each of them also has higher unemployment rates than the national average?

In Baltimore, Democrats have run everything for more than four decades. Federal dollars have flowed in, and yet the stench, sight, and symbolism of it all—stinks.

In my life I’ve spent multiple seasons, time, and resources going to the actual third world. The heartbreak in places like Haiti, Guatemala, Ghana and the Congo, is that they have no opportunity to make their lives better. Those economies are largely run by corrupt governments whose only ambition is to use public office to enrich themselves. A lot like Cummings, Sanders, and Pelosi have done.

The “walk of fame,” the scenic hills of the Bay Area, the rainy skies of the northwest, these iconic images are being replaced by squatters, filth, crime, ANTIFA and rodents. (Is that redundant?)

For Baltimore it’s been this way for decades.

And the only reason that Elijah Cummings got passionate about the issue, isn’t because it’s true. It’s because he got called out on it, by someone who is working to make America better for everybody. Thus revealing—whether in knowledge or in ignorance—Congressman Cummings hasn’t been.

But Democrats who lives in these cities already know that.

They live in the land of corrupt squander every waking day.

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2 Responses to BOOM!!!!

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Bullies never ever admit their weakness or their nefarious activity. Instead, when confronted they go even more ballistic. It’s right out of the “Bully handbook”. All Republican politicians (It’s important to remember Trump is NOT a politician) want to play nice and get along to secure their lucrative Washington D.C. Beltway Politician’s Club membership so they suck Democrat cocks or in the case of Nancy Pisslousy + AOC and the 3 their fetid cunts. President Trump is the only person to shovel the Democrat shit right back in their faces. That’s why all the politicians and all the political control freaks have only one mission: Get rid of Trump. Once he’s gone us Deplorables will be rendered impotent.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I just printed out a list of the top 50 rat-infested cities in America. I limited my
    research to the top 10:

    Chicago D-86 years
    Los Angeles D-18 years
    Washington DC D-58 years
    New York City D-5 years (18 of you count the RINO Bloomberg)
    San Francisco D-56 years
    Detroit D-57 years
    Philadelphia D-67 years
    Cleveland D-26 years
    Baltimore D-52 years
    Denver D-56 years

    I am beginning to see a pattern emerge here!

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