Namely, contribute to Amanda Knox’s wedding so it can be memorable.

Amanda Knox and her fiance have launched a crowd-funder appeal to help make their wedding the ‘best party ever’ after she used their savings to return to Italy.

Knox, 32, who was served four years in jail for the murder of British student Meredith Kurcher but was cleared of the crime on appeal, asked for donations online.

As a reward for giving money for the nuptials, which appear to be space themed, donors will receive a copy of the couple’s love poems book The Cardio Tesseract.

Generous donors can become stellar, galactic or temporal patrons depending on how much they donate or can give to specific things including the entertainment.

Knox and Christopher Robinson, 37, explained on the registry that they needed ‘help putting on the best party ever for our family and friends.’

They said that they weren’t expecting to plan a wedding at the same time as ‘Amanda’s first return trip to Italy.’

They said: ‘But when the Italy Innocence Project invited Amanda to speak at their inaugural wrongful convictions event, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

‘With scant time to plan, and no financial backing, we had to spend our wedding funds on this challenging and important journey. It was well worth it. Amanda reached some hearts, and healed a bit of her own.

‘Now we’re asking for help so that we can shower our friends and family with love and celebration! Instead of a traditional registry, we are asking for donations towards the cost of the wedding.’

Stellar patrons can donate $500 to the wedding with Knox and Robinson saying ‘when Madonna’s “Lucky Star” comes on, we’ll shout you out on the dance floor.’

Galactic patrons can donate $1000 and temporal patrons, who donate $2000 – $10,000, will receive a ‘special video from the future, reading you an excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica.’

The couple have also asked for donations for individual parts of their wedding including money for the venue, set and decor and special effects.

Another category included a $25 donation for the light and sound or towards the ‘paradox props’.

Donors will receive a copy of the couple’s poetry in return which ‘reveals the dynamics of their private life, their hopes, fears, and dark places, from thoughts of suicide and memories of prison, to dreams of raising children.’

The bride-to-be also revealed the registry on her Instagram page and asked her followers for advice.

She said: ‘I are getting married! How? Oh so weirdly! Time travel & so forth. Check out our wedding story at knoxrobinson.com/coalescence

‘We’re still figuring out our crazy costumes, sets, props, and food. Fashionistas? Prop wizards? Chefs? Got any advice? I’m all ears!’

Knox announced last month that she would be discussing ‘trial by media’ at an event hosted by the Italy Innocence Project in Modena on June 14 and 15.

‘I’m honored to accept their invitation to speak to the Italian people at this historic event and return to Italy for the first time,’ she said.

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