But if people are stupid enough to give him money so he could amass over $700,000,000 AND three private jets, well, I guess they’re the dumbfucks and deserve to be excoriated:

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has appeared in a bizarre interview where he defends using three private jets to travel the world after previously claiming he didn’t want to fly commercial with ‘demons’.

The 82-year-old’s chat with Inside Edition features him angrily pointing and staring the interviewer in one of the instances where he flares up after being confronted about his lavish lifestyle.

But at other moments Copeland has a cheerful demeanor and deflects questions by complimenting her on her eyes, praying for her, and even kissing her hand.

Lisa Guerrero caught up with Copeland – estimated to be worth $760million in October 2018 – after he last year purchased a $3million Gulfstream V private jet from producer and actor Tyler Perry.

When she addresses how on his Believer’s Voice of Victory TV show in 2016 Copeland called flying commercial to be similar to getting in ‘a long tube with a bunch of demons’, he turns angry.

She asks: ‘Do you really believe that human beings are demons’.

In response, Copeland points and snaps back: ‘No I did not and don’t you ever say I did.’

He then grits his teeth as he explains how watching marshals drag a passenger off a plane – seemingly referring to an April 2017 United incident – made him so mad.

Using it as an example for why he take the plusher option, he asked: ‘Do you think that’s a good environment for a preacher to be?’

Copeland says it riled him up so much: ‘I wanted to go punch that guy myself. I can’t be doing that when I’m getting ready to preach!’

‘I could no longer do what I was called to do when I get on the airlines and besides that I need my clothes when I get there.’

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries owner admits he has other small planes but he mainly uses the Gulfstream and two Citations.

Copeland claims it’s not just himself who benefits from having the planes as other ministries use them.

He jets back and forth to help the needy and parks up on a private hangar at his property.

Ministers can live in a home worth up to $6.3million tax free. His lake—front mansion in Newark, Texas is worth $6million.

But he came under fire in 2010 after promising to use them to help with relief effort in Haiti for earthquake victims but not following through.

The minister has also allegedly used the planes to go on vacations.

Copeland admits in the video that he’s a very wealthy man.

The author, public speaker and musician adds wide-eyed: ‘My wealth does not come from offering alone. I have a lot of natural gas on my properties. You didn’t know that did you baby? Isn’t that wonderful?’

However he claims last year ‘we invested something in the neighborhood of $25million’.

‘You can’t do that when you’re broke,’ he smiles in the clip from May.

Copeland then takes his defense one step further by referring to Judaism. The Christian minister asks: ‘Do you think the Jewish people believe you should be broke? They believe in wealth.’

But when Guerrero tells him ‘some people might think that is offensive,’ Copeland tells her: ‘I’m not talking about ‘some people’ I’m talking about the Bible.’

Speaking about passages in the Old Testament regarding the wealth of Abraham, he says he ‘gets excited talk about it because I love it’.

He explains that he started out ‘deep in debt’ and he learned from his spiritual mentor Oral Roberts – who passed away in 2009 – who he says took the same heat as he’s currently dealing with.

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