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3 Responses to TODAY’S OPEN THREAD

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    BINGO. It finally dawned on me this morning. There’s is one thing I do that pisses people off more than when I drive the speed limit. I was in the local supermarket being my usual smiley, joking laughing happy self when I noticed a number of frowning Starbucks latte container and iPhone carrying Millennials look at me like they actually want me to disappear or even die. I realized something that’s been lingering in the back of my mind for years: The self-absorbed 15-milutes-of-fame on the Social media twits do not want to see such jubilant activity in their fucking miserable lives and it really irritates the assholes. So now I make extra efforts to go and visit the local agoras and do my “happy me” thing on steroids. I figure I’ll aggravate someone so much I’ll have to defend myself using lethal force.

  2. antzinpantz says:

    I like your plan for thinning the “idiocracy” herd.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    My mind is a perpetual motion machine when it comes to thinking up ways to eliminate society’s waste, ANTZ! 🙂

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