Man arrested for spitting on woman after she demanding he properly flush the toilet.

Having seen only a picture of the guy but not the woman I can only surmise she’s a real prize, too.

A Florida man was charged with battery after police were called by his disgruntled roommate who complained that he was refusing to flush the toilet, causing a foul stench in their home and a huge bust-up between the pair.

Diana Griffin, 58, called the cops after 36-year-old Trovon Patterson allegedly repeatedly spat in her face after she complained about the hygiene of the bathroom at their home in Vero Beach.

The argument reportedly happened after Patterson used the bathroom and failed to adequately flush the toilet.

When Griffin confronted him about it he allegedly began to swear and insult her before spitting in her face and hair.

Diana Griffin called the cops after 36-year-old Trovon Patterson (pictured) allegedly spat in her face after she complained about the foul hygiene of the bathroom the pair shared

When Patterson began swearing at her, she told cops she picked up a plunger ‘and began swinging it at Patterson to keep him away,’ the report on the May 23 incident said.

Officers found Patterson a short time later several blocks away. His arrest record in Indian River lists an arrest on battery charges when he was also accused of spitting in his roommate’s face over a dispute about a messy apartment in June 2018.

According to the report, Patterson told deputies he spit on Griffin but did so only ‘after she attacked him with a cooking pot.’

Officers said Patterson apparantly showed them a small red area on his forehead where he said his roommate had hit him with the kitchen pot.

But Griffin disputed his version of events, telling deputies the red mark ocurred when Patterson ran away from her and ran into a wall, as she wielded the plunger.

Officers said they saw smeared spit on Griffin’s hair, shoulder and stomach.

Patterson has to appear in court on June 18 on the battery charge.

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