Ragheads can make all the noise they want when they’ve got their asses in the air 5 times a day but pity the poor Christian who tries to ring a church bell.

Anyway, this guy was pissed at the noise and stormed the mosque.

He got arrested; not the noisy fucks because this is Kenya, home to Barry Obongo and where the upright walking apes who live there are muslim.

The foreigner complained that the praying faithfuls were disturbing his peace.

“The suspect in our custody entered into the Mosque and demanded that worshipers reduce the sound of the communications system. We have arrested the suspect and will be arraigned soon. We will charge him for creating disturbance,” Taveta Sub County Police Commander Lawrence Marwa confirmed.

His actions caused a great stir to the faithfuls who were immersed in their earnest prayers as it is their custom during the Ramadan period.

This happened during the morning prayers (Subuh) at 4 am.

The terrified worshipers recounted the events to The Standard of how the suspect arrived in a vehicle and parked it outside before rushing into the Mosque wielding a pistol. The congregants stared with shock as the suspect fragrantly did the impossible and disrupted their much-treasured prayer session.

“We could not believe our eyes when the suspect stormed into the Mosque brandishing a pistol without uttering any word. He went straight to the public address system and disconnected it using pliers then walked away,” recounted Muhdin Musa, an elder of the Mosque.

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2 Responses to OF COURSE!

  1. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    In America (most parts), a mosque starts blasting noise at 4AM, there would be many people who would blast right back at the external speaker.
    In this day and age of cell service, smart phones, and apps, you’d think someone would create an app to alert the “faithful” at the proscribed times without disturbing the neighborhood. After all, it’s not like the muzzies don’t know how to use a cell phone……………oh, wait…………

  2. dekare says:

    Why in the hell would ANY non-muslim live in a muslim dominated country. It’s like a chicken choosing to live in a den of foxes than not understanding why he was eaten.

    The solution is so simple…GTFO. Go live anywhere else. Muslims are not human beings. There is not such thing as a peaceful moderate muslim.

    Here are some wise words to live by:

    Everything I needed to know about islam I learned on 9/11.

    What is the difference between a moderate muslim and a radical muslim? A radical muslim wants to cut your head off. A moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to cut your head off. That is it.

    In any place where muslims are the minority population, muslims are very concerned with minority rights. Where muslims are the majority, there are no minority rights.

    Not all muslims are terrorists…but pretty much all terrorists are muslim.

    It is not paranoia or islamaphobia if they really are trying to kill you.

    Nothing I have seen has proven otherwise.

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