And if the POS who’s whining about it worked for I’d fire her….and everyone else agreeing with her.

The issue: catering staff rants about boss ordering left over foods be trashed. They want to eat it, instead (so that it does not go to waste.”

Yeah, right. The cheap little fucks want to gorge on it so they don’t have to pay for their own dinners all at the cost of the host.

And as soon as a boss allows that what’s to prevent that staff from “setting aside” plates full of food to later say it was “not eaten so they ate it.”

Not to mention the liability issues if one of those verminous little fucks got sick from eating food that’d be left out in the sun for hours and soured.

A woman has sparked a lengthy debate after revealing that the catering company she works for doesn’t allow staff to take home leftover food.

The employee, from Quebec, took to Facebook to vent her fury after she was almost fired for trying to sneak off with the remains of a dish served at a wedding.

She claimed that staff often work 10 hour shifts and go home starving at 2am, while uneaten food is thrown in the bin.

The Facebook user received a divided response from contributors, with many arguing that the decision on what to do with leftovers is most likely due to health and safety regulations.

One former bride wrote: ‘I think it’s for food safety. When we looked at caterers we asked the question of if we were going to keep the leftovers and were told we’d have to sign a waiver stating we understand the consequences of eating food that had been prepped hours ahead etc.’

Another said: ‘I think the issue here is that they don’t want you consuming food that may have possibly spoiled and that opens up a whole new can of worms, so to speak…’.

A third added: ‘Putting my business head on here. It would look unprofessional to be seen doing this (by potential future clients) and also if leftovers become fair game… you can guarantee less goes out or things get held back on purpose to be “leftovers”.’

But others were on the employee’s side, and slammed her boss for insisting on throwing away leftover good, stating that it should either be donated to charity or given to staff.

One person said: ‘I would insist that my servers take any unspoiled food. Food waste is unnecessary.’

Another wrote: ‘Letting the employees take the leftovers or donating it to charity. Just throwing away should be a felony.’

A third added: ‘Once guests have been served, leftovers are fair game. Period,’ while one went so far as to brand the boss ‘capitalism at its worst’.

Many contributors began sharing their own experiences of working within catering, including one person who claimed that staff keeping food could cost the company.

She explained: ‘They… have to let you take a break, but are not required to feed you.

‘Worked in catering and technically the food isn’t their’s. So if the wedding party or anyone who paid for services catches you it could cost the company.’

But one disagreed, writing: ‘That’s a s*** policy. When I was a server we were always fed a meal from the dinner party and the kitchen and servers split the leftovers to take home.’

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  1. Drew45.8 says:

    Too bad, so sad. The customer bought the food. If the customer doesn’t want it any longer, it’s waste. Garbage. “Takings” only works if you’re a live-in servant. Otherwise the caterer probably owes the customer some kind of refund.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    I think the cunt wants the unused cucumbers because she can’t afford a knobby dildo.

  3. dekare says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the liability of giving free food away. Grocery stores and restaurants used to donate food until they got sued. It no longer made sense to give food away…what with no upside or money but all liability if something goes wrong. Better to simply throw it away.

    If I remember, there was something similar to this in a Seinfeld episode where I think it was Elaine opened up a shop that only sold the top of the muffin…which everyone loves, but she didn’t know what to do with the bottoms. At first she tried to throw them away, but some law in New York said you couldn’t put food in the trash, so she donated the muffin bottoms to the homeless…who of course, revolted and got upset, claiming they should get the top of the muffin for free since making them eat muffin bottoms is cruel and unusual or some such crap.

    No good deed goes unpunished…so better to not do it and the hell what others think. You want to eat…pay for it. If the boss offers free lunches as part of a benefits things…then fine. But otherwise…you didn’t pay for it…it’s not yours…you have no right to complain.

  4. Drew45.8 says:

    Actually, there are special muffin tins that only bake the top. Probably because of that episode.

  5. Eskyman says:

    For a lot of years I was an entertainer, and did a lot of shows at wedding parties & other catered events. Most of the time me & the other entertainers got fed, sometimes even got our drinks for free. One venue was particularly nice: they had world-class chefs, they arranged for the entertainers to get free meals & after our performance we got free drinks too. The only problem I had was driving home afterward, with a full belly and maybe a bit more grog than was wise!

    But that was long ago. One of my pals used to work helping handicapped children, and they used to get free eggs for the kids from some big egg farms; then the state gov’t passed a law, so no more free eggs for the children anymore. That was about liability, IIRC. Those same kids used to get fresh fish from a trout farm, same kind of deal, but that got stopped too. Can’t have those kids possibly choking on a fish bone, so no fish for the kids.

    Then more laws forbidding supermarkets from throwing out food where the homeless could get it, they had to use locked trash bins, so that the homeless had to get fed, if at all, from places like the Salvos or some other organized charity. After all, can’t have the homeless eating food that was thrown out, it’s better to put it into a landfill for the rats. If the rats get sick, PETA will sue for better food to be thrown out, and our super-smart legislators will pass a law to save the rats.

    It sure is good we got all these laws to protect us from everything under the sun, ain’t it? Yeah, the world’s a much better place with all the rules & regulations. Who’d want to let people decide for themselves, or take their own chances? Yeah, that’s crazy talk!

  6. antzinpantz says:

    Everything you cited had nothing to do with “safety” or “health.”

    It’s just another way of forcing people to run for government to get help.

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