Asshole buys lion cub.

Cub full grown now.

Asshole still lets it roam free in his house.

I bet it smells really swell in the house, too.

And who gets to clean the lion shit up? This thing eats 17 pounds of meat a day!!!

I wonder what his neighbors think?

Me? I’d have shot it if my neighbor refused to get rid of it and the cops refused to impound it.

Most people don’t mind if their pet cat curls up at the foot of their bed – but this man has his pet lion sharing the duvet.

Zulkaif Chaudhary, 33, from Multan city, Pakistan, bought the cub six months ago, and has let the king of the jungle have free rein of his home.

Babbar the lion already weighs more than 168 lbs and wolfs down 17lb of raw meat every day.

Mr Chaudhary happily allows his furry friend free run of the family’s plush bungalow – where he has his own king-size bed with double mattress and air conditioning.

Despite having a two-year-old son, he says he’ll never chain the lion – who he treats like a dog.

Mr Chaudhary said: ‘He is like my child. He was two months old when I got him. He has been living with me for six months.

‘I love lions a lot and I felt like taking care of one. I never discussed with my family and just got him and then told them.

‘But they all were very happy to see him. They all come to meet him every day.

‘I’m not worried that he will attack us. Even my son comes to play with it.

‘I have never chained Babbar nor will I ever because I love him like my own child.

‘I have made a separate area for him and he has his own bed to rest and an air conditioner to keep cool.’

Mr Chaudhary claims he has permission from the authorities to keep the lion in the family home – but refuses to reveal where he bought the £3200 lion from.

His home is now filled with family and friends who come to take a selfie with his unusual pet.

He added: ‘I cannot tell you from where I bought him but I have the permission to keep him and the wildlife officials knows about him.

‘He is growing up really fast. I feed him mutton, beef, and also chicken sometimes.

‘He costs £2400 each month to feed.’

Zulkaif trains Babbar like a pet dog and takes him out for walk every morning.

He boasted: ‘He is very friendly and is fond of me. He plays with me and I take him on walk in the morning 5 to 6 am.

‘I’m teaching him commands to sit, go and eat just like a pet dog.’

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2 Responses to DARWIN TO WIN AGAIN IN 3…..2…..1…..

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Pakistan Mooslime. The lion would do the world a favor if it devoured the entire family.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Tippy Hedrin learned that lesson the hard way. One of the big cats on her
    private reserve lept up, grabbed her scalp at her forehead and peeled it
    to back of her head. The cat was just playing, but that was the day she
    stopped letting her young daughter sleep with a 400-pound cat, and no
    longer gave them the run of the house. Little Melanie Griffith might have
    not have lived long enough to boink Don Johnson.

    But I do have to hand it to JFK, Hedrin was one of the women he got
    to nail!

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