Easy, really, and it was given away at the ending.

The cripple got to rule the world. (he’s handi-capable!!)

The female who has no mind of her own and will do anything to please anyone so long as she gets pretty things got her own throne. (g-r-r-r-l power!!)

The strong man got banished for killing the female hell-bent on killing all the “little people.” (mysoginistic woman hater)

Does that pretty much cover it?

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  1. BobF says:

    I’ve never even seen one episode of Game of Thrones. But, I do like the Walking Dead.

  2. antzinpantz says:

    I’ve read the first 4 books and started watching (still on Season 1). It really is good so far, true to the books, but the last season and last 4 episodes really fucked everything up.

  3. Eskyman says:

    I started reading the books, and watching the TV show- but soon found that in that story there’s no advancement through being good, or competent, or honest. The good folks get betrayed & killed by the bad ones, over and over again. Virtue has no reward, but if you’re a lying snake you can expect to get ahead.

    That’s too much like modern life to have much attraction for me. So after sufficient disappointment, as all my early heros came to a terrible end but the backstabbing liars got promoted, I gave up on it. YMMV.

  4. Drew45.8 says:

    Yikes, SPOILERS AHEAD !!! Skip this is you haven’t seen the show yet.

    GoT is an epic fantasy about violent people in a violent, almost primitive world. No one is purely good or purely evil, although the better ones try to do what’s right, while the worser ones try to do what advances their ambitions.

    What seemed to be a game of kings was soon shown to be a game of queens, a bitch-fest between mama Stark, mama Lannister, mama Tyrell, several of their hot but manipulative daughters, and Danarys Targaryen the air head sex toy from the deposed royal family. Turns out that wench had mad ambition, plus was a demi-goddess in that she was fireproof, and she soon had 3 giant fire breathing dragons at her call. Which really helps, even if you’re extra stupid. So they had their cat fights, yet it was all the men who got killed in the process. So yeah, grrrl power. And in the end she suddenly went all Antifa/Hitler. “They don’t get to choose” she says and Jon knows she’s a murderous power mad tyrant. So it’s dagger time. And then he confessed off camera, even though there were no witnesses, no weapon, no body, and plenty of recent Drogon the dragon damage. Blame the lizard! WTF, he took her body and flew away forever!!! Duh.

    So many fans of the show are so pissed off at the SJW twists of the final season that they are starting massive petitions to have the ended reworked. This won’t happen, but it does show that huge numbers of people are wise to the woke BS. They waited 20 months for this last crop of 6 episodes, which turned all the years of character and plot development upside down, for no real reason. And people don’t like that much at all.

    However, in the final tally, we’ve got Jon Snow Stark Aegon Targaryen 5th as the effective King Beyond the Wall, his sister Sansa Stark as queen below the Wall, little brother Bran Stark The Broken as the crip (who is also the 3 eyed raven who knows everything about everyone ever by his magical abilities, who should be able to see right through any BS the dwarf guy comes up with) as king of the rest of the continent, and kill happy little sister Arya Stark setting off on a sea journey to take over the far western corners of the world. So I’d say that the Stark family did pretty damn well. Everyone else is dead, which is the price of playing the Game of Thrones and not winning.

    Meanwhile the far eastern part of the world is nearly destroyed, having been the testing grounds for dragon girl’s politics and her rise to power. And back in Westeros, with the ancient zombie horde enemy fully and finally defeated, even the seasons have bent the knee, and Spring has come to the frozen far North. Hell, even all the black folks got on their ships and sailed away forever. Smells like total victory to me.

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