Jim Carrey:

Jim Carrey has once again sparked outrage with a provocative drawing – this time depicting Alabama Governor Kay Ivey as an aborted fetus.

The Ace Ventura actor was responding to Ivey’s signing into law on Wednesday of a controversial bill that banned all abortions except in cases of a medical emergency.

On his Twitter account, Carrey posted a caricature showing Ivey as a fetus still attached to an umbilical cord.

A large hypodermic needle is then inserted into Ivey’s head.

Carrey’s image included the caption: ‘I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.’

The graphic tweet was met with an online backlash from social media users who said Carrey was suffering from poor mental health.

‘Wow…Get help,’ tweeted one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user asked: ‘Are you okay…??’

‘Not for a while now,’ responded another Twitter user.

Liz Wheeler, a conservative commentator, tweeted: ‘Thank you for the truly accurate (and therefore horrifying) portrayal of abortion… sucking out the brains of a PERSON because that person is inconvenient to you.

‘You blessed the pro life movement with this.’

Lauren Surratt tweeted: ‘This should be the end of your twitter activity. Period.

‘If anyone else would have posted it, they would be deactivated.’

Shireen Qudosi tweeted: ‘This is an incredibly vile illustration.

‘Someone who is truly woke, and has achieved a higher level of spiritual enlightenment, has expanded their consciousness, WOULD NOT ever produce this.

‘You can be against abortion [without] resorting to this.’

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  1. BobF says:

    Jim Carrey is a has-been who’s trying to keep himself relevant.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    A druggie, booze addicted egotistical has-been. I think he’s Rob Reiner’s “bottom boy”.

  3. grayjohn says:

    Seriously, who gives a shit what this clown testicle draws, or says, or thinks on ANY issue? He is a has been comic who flamed out back in the 90’s. He is beneath notice.

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    Does anyone truly appreciate the irony of this image? It is a depiction of something
    the left claims is a myth, a late-term abortion. Many moons ago Rush Limbaugh
    reported that a think tank called the Alan Guttmacher Institute was commissioned
    by Planned Genocide to determine the reasons why women abort their babies.

    Apart from rape and incest and threat to the life of a mother, (1-1/2 percent each,)
    97 percent of all abortions were a form of retroactive birth control. The 97 percent
    was “I wasn’t mature enough, I wasn’t financially secure enough, and the beat
    goes on with other social bullshit excuses!

    The hottest fucking place in Hell is reserved for the apologists who deny the
    reality of late-term abortions. Some irresponsible fucking slut puts her legs
    in the air without taking advantage of numerous cheap and readily available
    forms of birth control. She then waits until she is 8-1/2 months pregnant
    to deal with the problem.

    The biggest part of a baby is the head, so genocidal maniacs like Kermit
    Gosnell snips the spinal cord to kill the fully developed baby, jams a
    pair of scissors into the skull and scrambles the brain up so that it can
    be sucked out so that the abortion doctor can crush the skull and thus
    eliminate any discomfort the irresponsible cunt might feel in the process
    of passing an “unviable tissue mass!

    I do not have a microphone so that sound you heard was me dropping
    my keyboard.

  5. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    You left out “diseased”, as in STD. Which he gave to his then GF. Who then committed suicide.

  6. Eskyman says:

    Maybe I’m unique, but I never liked any of his movies. He just seemed “off” to me, though he had a very expressive face; something about his humor just wasn’t right, and had a mean edge to it.

    The only movie that I came close to liking was The Truman Show, but he had to inject himself into it close to the end which spoiled it for me.

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