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4 Responses to TODAY’S OPEN THREAD

  1. taminator013 says:

    Today is International Jazz Day. Since I’m not a big jazz fan I’ll substitute a jazz fusion tune. Close enough for gubmint work……….

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Rod Rosenstein just announced his resignation. Here is the guy who was going
    to wear a wire to entrap President Trump in an attempt to remove him using the
    25th Amendment in a possibly overt act of treason.

    We have a pretty good idea that Lisa Page was turned, but there are people
    claiming that Rosenstein has also spilled his guts. If Rosenstein is not charged,
    that might be a good sign that he turned on his fellow conspirators.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    To me Jazz Fusion is a lethal as Atomic Fission.

    OH Leonard that’s really interesting. Is the house of cards about to collapse exposing higher ups?

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    Yes Bogside, that is what it looks like. Rosenstein is the assistant AG, which
    put him close to the Capo de Tutti Capi and that is one step below Felonia
    von Pantsuit and Ubangi (the Godmother and Godfather.) I think Trump and
    those loyal to the constitution in the FBI have no choice but pursue this case
    to its conclusion. If nothing is done to punish these swamp rats, the next
    coup (which could come in 4, 8, 12, or 16 years) might succeed.

    If you see indictments against James Comey, Peter Strzoker, the Orr’s, etc.
    it will only be a matter of time before America becomes Venezuela. I think
    the key will be Trump’s reelection. It may take two terms to clean out that
    festering fucking cesspit that Blow Job Billy and Ubangi created. If others
    start to fall and Rosenstein is left alone, he ratted them out!

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