Doctor who illegally parked her car and tussled with a cop when she became belligerent causing him to slap her around a bit was just awarded over $1 million.

She HIT the cop with her car!!

Maybe it’s time to publish the names of jurors who make these awards.

A once-prominent New York City surgeon who told police ‘I’m the hero, the cops are not’ during a parking ticket dispute in 2016 won a $1.2 million lawsuit on Friday, after successfully arguing the officers used excessive force.

Rachel Wellner, 43, initially filed a $30 million suit against the city, claiming her civil rights were violated when an officer allegedly pushed her and grabbed her arm during a traffic stop in Midtown, three years ago.

Wellner had illegally parked her Volvo over a crosswalk to dash into a store in February 2016. When she returned, she saw police issuing her a parking ticket and reportedly became confrontational.

According to a police report, she told the officers: ‘I’m a doctor. I have patients that are dying. I’m the hero, the cops are not. I don’t accept the summons. I have to go.’

The Ivy-League educated doctor then attempted to flee the scene but struck one of the officer’s legs with her car.

She was placed in handcuffs and later escorted to the police station where she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

However, shortly afterwards she filed the lawsuit against the NYPD, claiming the officers had been both verbally and physically abusive to her. In the suit, Wellner said she fled the scene because she feared for her life.

At Friday’s trial, Officer Niguel Vega admitted that he had come into physical contact with Wellner, but denied using excessive force.

Wellner’s attorney repeatedly questioned the officer ‘but didn’t you touch her breast?’ He denied the allegation.

The jury of six women and four men voted unanimously in favor of Wellner, but awarded her far less money than she initially requested.

It’s not immediately clear how the jury determined Vega had used excessive force.

‘We’re just happy they were able to see through the lies and deception of the police and were able to get to the truth of the matter,’ Wellner’s lawyer, Jon Norinsberg, told The New York Post.

Wellner was fired from her job as a cancer surgeon at the Montefiore Einstein Center shortly after her arrest.

Following her dismissal she also filed a lawsuit against the Bronx-based hospital, claiming they ‘manufactured a false pretextual reason to terminate’ her employment.

The real reason, she claims in the suit, is that she suffered a Lyme disease flare-up that required her to take time off work – irking her employers.

The lawsuit is seeking an undisclosed amount and the case is still pending.

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3 Responses to THIS IS SO WRONG

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Another NYC “OY VEY, already” snot nose doctor. You can bet she’s a big Democrat party supporter.

  2. BobF says:

    If she has patients that are dying, why the heck is she downtown shopping? She’s a hero in her own mind.

    She pleads guilty to disorderly conduct but the jury agrees with her in the lawsuit? No wonder people no longer respect cops.

  3. Eskyman says:

    She must’ve had a good lawyer, and that lawyer managed to select a jury that hates cops. Probably not that hard in NYC.

    Just like CA liberals they hate authority figures, hate getting tickets when they deserve ’em, and when on a jury they “stick it to The Man.” So a cop gets dumped on & the jury pats themselves on the back for their wonderful virtue, and gives an obnoxious woman a big payout because it’s not their own money they’re giving away. Maybe it’s part of humanity’s death wish; we seem to do these idiotic things to ourselves a lot lately.

    About juries- don’t know why but I never get called anymore. Used to get a jury summons every year or two, but none for the last 6 or 8 years. I don’t mind serving, but hope that I won’t get on some jury that goes for months & months, which hasn’t happened yet, tho since I retired it wouldn’t matter so much.

    I noticed, every time I did go to the court, that a lot of my fellow citizens, also there for jury duty, seemed to be the bottom of the barrel. Lots of mexicans, lots of unkempt people. The kind I’d like to see are honorable men & women, not bums; but this was definitely a low-end mixture of folks. Jurors get paid some $15/day here in CA, which might be a lot to a bum, but I dunno.

    Then I recalled a guy in my gun club, call him Tom but that’s not his name, that used to go to Gun Shows where we’d try to sign people up for gun rights groups like the NRA, GOA, CCRKBA and the 2nd Amendment Foundation. One time a guy came to our table & wanted to talk about jury duty, and whether “jury nullification” was legal or not. Tom immediately started talking about how he never does jury duty & how easy it was to get out of it!

    I wanted to strangle Tom. This is the kind of attitude that fucks us over; we need to have pro- gun rights people ON the damn jury, not avoiding it because it’s a hassle. So when we get crappy verdicts, which make us scratch our heads & think, WTF?, maybe it’s our own fault. I’d just hate it if I got off serving on a jury which then came back with a verdict further restricting our gun rights, but maybe that happens more than we know!

    That guy never did get his discussion on jury nullification, but I am 100% in favor of it. If the law’s bad, it’s not right to convict somebody for breaking it, and that goes double for laws that are on the face of them unConstitutional. CA in particular has a shit-ton of unConstitutional laws, and if I am on the jury then none of them would result in conviction for the accused. I’d just love to be on the jury when some poor sucker got dragged into court for having a 30 round magazine (normal capacity) for his AR-15. He would walk! I’d never convict for a law infringing on the 2nd Amendment!

    Which is probably why I don’t get called for jury duty anymore. Somehow, they know!

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