Seven shot at “cookout.”


Police say they have no description of the suspect.

I believe that they can start with: “Suspect is black.”

But given it’s Baltimore that only rules out 10% of the population who are white or Asian, I guess.

At least seven people were shot in Baltimore during a Sunday evening cookout.
WBFF reports that the Baltimore shooting occurred “during a cookout” and that one of the seven wounded persons has died.

The Baltimore Sun reports that police responded to “the 2500 block of Edmondson and North Warwick avenues in the city’s Western District” just after 5 pm.

CNN reports that the shooting happened in a location where more than one cookout was underway. A suspect approached and opened fire, but police found two separate types of shell casings at the scene, leading them to believe someone may have returned fire.

Police have no description of the suspect.

Baltimore — and the whole of Maryland — has some of the most stringent gun controls in the country. These controls include a ban on the sale and manufacture of “high-capacity” magazines and a fingerprint/registration requirement for new handgun purchasers. Both of these controls were adopted in 2013, and by mid-summer 2017, Baltimore’s murder rate was more than double that of Chicago.

Maryland also has a Red Flag Law that allows gun confiscation orders to be issued by judges.

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