A guy faces 14 years (FOURTEEN YEARS!!!) in prison for sharing videos of the Christchurch mosque shooting.

I’ll bet you that if it were a Christian church or Synagogue that were bombed the Kiwis wouldn’t bother.

Welcome to Karl Marx’s New Zealand. And Lenin’s. And Stalin’s. And Khrushchev’s. And Castro’s.

A New Zealand citizen faces a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison for sharing the video of the Christchurch mosque shooting on Instagram.

Christchurch local Philip Arps pleaded guilty to distributing the video, which was recorded by the gunman as he massacred Muslims and bystanders in March.

Distribution, possession, and viewing of the video and the shooter’s manifesto, which was also posted online, was criminalized by the Chief Censor of New Zealand, David Shanks just three days after the shooting.

“There is an important distinction to be made between ‘hate speech,’ which may be rejected by many right-thinking people but which is legal to express, and this type of publication, which is deliberately constructed to inspire further murder and terrorism,” Shanks said. “It crosses the line.”

Arps and one other person were charged with distributing the video less than seven days after the shooting. Arps first appeared in a New Zealand court on March 20, just five days after the shooting. It is unclear whether most New Zealanders were aware that sharing, viewing, or possessing the video had been criminalized by the time the first charges had gone out.

According to the New York Times, Shanks warned New Zealanders that even unwitting possession of the video is a crime.

“It is clear that this video was ‘pushed’ to many innocent New Zealanders by various apps,” he said. “We have had reports that it also ‘auto-played’ to some people who did not even know what it was.”

While he said that those who spread the video in New Zealand risked arrest and imprisonment, he warned all New Zealanders that even innocent possession of the video was a crime.

“If you have a record of it, you must delete it,” he said. “If you see it, you should report it. Possessing or distributing it is illegal and only supports a criminal agenda.”

This may be a problem for New Zealanders who are unaware that the video or manifesto may be saved in caches or browser histories.

Having pleaded guilty to distribution, Arps now faces a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail. Prosecutors say that Arps suggested to a social media contact that crosshairs and a kill-count be added to the video, and shared it with 30 people.

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  1. Eskyman says:

    Any country that has a government official called “Chief Censor” isn’t a free country. But we knew that already: the people there are subjects. They have no rights except for whatever their government grants them, which can be revoked at any time. Free speech doesn’t exist there, nor are subjects allowed to defend themselves or others. Naturally people get locked up, that’s what happens in totalitarian countries. Oh, didn’t you know that Australia & NZ are as totalitarian as China? Now you do!

    The NZ government, along with other Commonwealth nations, cannot let the Christchurch “shooters” video be seen under any circumstances, because it’s such a lousy fake that even normal CNN viewers would see that it’s phony. Then they might wonder why their own government allowed such a fake event to be publicized, why their police forces & Prime Minister went along with it, and what the purpose of this grand charade actually is. Hint: the PM dressed up like a dhimmi doll and kissed lots of muslim butt, and law-abiding people are getting their guns confiscated. What does this suggest?

    “Hmm. That was phony, the cartridge cases vanished into thin air, none of the “bodies” shot moved or reacted, no one tried to get away, no screaming & yelling, no blood- uh, duh, y’think this might be as phony as Duke Nukem only less fun?” “Gee, why are they lying to us?” No questions allowed!

    What really bothers me is that even in our supposedly free speech country, no one is discussing this phony event. It’s already down the memory-hole, history has been rewritten so that it’s always been “real” and now we’ll move right along to how the President is actually a Russian stooge: news at 6! Don’t miss it, or your memory may not match our new “reality.”

  2. Dan says:

    The people in places like Britain, Canada, New Zealand etc. are not called CITIZENS. They are called SUBJECTS. That is because they ARE NOT FREE. And those that make the mistake of believing that they are and speaking their mind WILL pay the price for that error.

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