Because it has a confederate symbol on it.

It would be awesome if every day someone would bring in a Mississippi flag to that park.

It would end up costing the state of NJ a lot more for security and create a public relations nightmare when flag owners started suing.

But it’s NJ so I would never set foot in it.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on Friday ordered that the Mississippi flag, which carries a Confederate emblem, be replaced by the American flag at a state park that overlooks the Statue of Liberty.

Murphy ordered the removal of Mississippi’s flag from a display of each state’s flag at Liberty State Park, a preserve of more than 1,200 acres in Jersey City that overlooks Ellis Island and Lady Liberty.

Murphy is a first-term Democrat and a self-styled progressive who regularly cited the Emma Lazarus poem at the statue’s base that invites immigrants to America.

New Jersey, he said, is rooted in diversity, and the flag doesn’t fit.

‘The Confederate symbol displayed on the Mississippi state flag is reprehensible and does not reflect our values of inclusivity and equality,’ he said in a statement.

The Mississippi flag includes the Confederate battle emblem in the upper left corner. The emblem has a red field topped by a blue X, dotted with 13 white stars.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican, said in a statement Friday: ‘I’m disappointed in Gov. Murphy’s actions. As I have repeatedly said, the voters of Mississippi should decide what the state flag is or is not.’

The flag was adopted in April of 1894, but was repealed in 1906 without a replacement, and so continued to be in de facto use.

Mississippians who voted in a 2001 statewide election chose to keep the flag.

Confederate symbols have been widely debated across the South, particularly since June 2015, when a white supremacist killed nine black worshippers at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as in 2017, when violence erupted as white nationalists held a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Murphy said he made the decision after Democratic state Sen. Sandra Cunningham raised the issue with him.

Cunningham said in a statement that the flag symbolized ‘an era of hate, violence, and division.’

But several Mississippi cities and counties and all eight of the state’s public universities have stopped flying it in recent years amid criticism that the battle emblem is a racist reminder of slavery and segregation.

Supporters of the flag say it represents history.

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  1. BobF says:

    New Jersey is the armpit of America. Who cares what their governor does.

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    Red Murphy is a commie. So is NYC’s mayor “de Blasio” (not his real name) and the NY governor Cuomo. They are all ultra progressives. Commies.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Correct Bob, NJ is a sewer of Socialism, but only because the Liberal assholes from NYC started a full fledged invasion about 50 years ago when the Big Apple was bankrupt and began to jack taxes up the wazoo. Jersey was a financial oasis for the fuckers and really wasn’t a bad place to live and work, which I did for many years. Heck, I remember even in the mid-60s we didn’t have a sales or income tax when NY did. So the shits made their exodus from the city to the promised land. NJ was a fairly conservative state too, that is until the liberal fuckers from “Hook-Nose” city became the predominant voting block and now it’s a Socialist paradise.

    If I were the governors of other remaining conservative states I’d demand their state flags be removed from the island and shipped back.

  4. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    So, when did New Joisey gain the authoritah to remove Mississippi as a state?

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