TLPMs trying to win the “racist cop” lawsuit lottery have added some other kids that were with their hell-spawn.

The bullshit in the reporting is this: “Police say Tyre was with another teen who robbed someone, and Tyre was shot by a responding officer who thought he had a firearm. It turned out to be an inoperable BB gun.

A BB gun operable or not IS a firearm you stupid fucks!!!

I hope the city sues these asshole parents back.

Four teenagers who were with a black Ohio boy before he was fatally shot by a white police officer are now third-party defendants in a lawsuit over his death, even though his family doesn’t believe the teens should be held financially responsible.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the city of Columbus wanted the teens added to the case over the September 2016 death of 13-year-old Tyre (TY’-ree) King. That means they could be on the hook if Columbus or the officer is found liable for damages.

The city contends Tyre’s death was a consequence of the teens’ misbehavior.

Police say Tyre was with another teen who robbed someone, and Tyre was shot by a responding officer who thought he had a firearm. It turned out to be an inoperable BB gun.

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  1. dekare says:

    It’s not racism when 6% of the population commit over 50% of all violent crimes…it’s simply niggers being niggers. And cops doing their job and doing as they have been trained is not racism…it’s reality. If blacks want to stop this…then teach you children to be decent and obey the law. Niggers, for whatever reasons, cannot conform to decent society…but instead of blaming them for their bad behavior…some people just yell RACISM.

  2. Eskyman says:

    Dekare beat me to it, and said it better than I would have. Nigs gonna nig, that’s all there is to it.

    One other point though: much ado is made about the kid having a firearm, which was later found to be “an inoperable BB gun.” Oh, right- and how are you supposed to know that?

    Thanks to BobF, who way upthread posted a pic of two handguns, one being a Sig Sauer 9mm and the one on the right looking almost identical, but which is a replica BB gun, we can say that it’s impossible to determine which is which at a moment’s notice. Especially when one is being waved around or pointed at you!

    If one gets shot at you then you might lose an eye at worst; if the other is shot at you then you might go home in a bodybag. If I were the officer faced with either one, I’d assume it’s an actual firearm and do exactly the same thing as the officer here: shoot the threat until the gun was dropped or the perp was dropped. Here, the officer did what he had to do and should get a commendation. He won’t of course, but I hope he at least gets through this unscathed.

    Oh, and it’s a small point- but since Australia calls everything that shoots anything a “firearm,” which I consider an obscene category error, I distinguish between an actual firearm- which expels a projectile by means of burning powder to expand gases- and a BB or pellet gun, which is spring or air activated. There’s no fire involved, so I call them “airguns” or “spring guns” instead.

    This distinction is important to me, since once for Christmas I sent my grown-up son in Australia a kid’s toy: a pair of clear plastic pellet guns- spring operated, used with brightly colored pellets that stick to a plastic target, meant for indoor use by children “12 years or older” according to the box- and he got busted by the Australian Federal Police for some bullshit like “attempted possession of unlawful firearms.” What a sick joke! Luckily my son got off, he hadn’t even received them and never saw them, the Aussie customs turned him in as being a possible terrorist. They know how dangerous kid’s toy guns are! Particularly those clear plastic ones meant for 12 year olds!

    BB guns are still dangerous, but I don’t think they should be classified as “firearms.” YMMV!

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