20,000 show up for muslims shot up in their so-called “house of worship” terrorist training academy.

A crowd of 20,000 people attended a national memorial service in New Zealand Friday to remember the victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

During the service, the names of the 50 people, who were massacred after a heavily-armed Australian gunman attacked two Mosques earlier this month, were read out loud as the crowd stood in silence.

A man who survived the terror attack – but lost his wife – told the crowd that he forgives the terrorist who committed the atrocity.

Ahmed said that while he disagrees with the gunman’s actions, his faith teaches him to see everyone as a brother, including the gunman.

The Friday service was the third memorial held since the massacre. The gunman, who Fox News is not naming, has been charged with murder in the attacks.

Foreign officials and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison attended the memorial service. Morrison said it was “a thing of absolute beauty.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern meanwhile called for an end of extremism in the world, invoking the stories of impacted by the attacks.

“They were stories of bravery. They were stories of those who were born here, grew up here, or who had made New Zealand their home. Who had sought refuge, or sought a better life for themselves or their families,” she said. “These stories, they now form part of our collective memories. They will remain with us forever. They are us.”

“Our challenge now is to make the very best of us a daily reality,” she continued. “We are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other. We have never been.

“But we can be the nation that discovers the cure. And so to each of us as we go from here, we have work to do.”

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  1. Eskyman says:

    “Ahmed said that… his faith teaches him to see everyone as a brother, including the gunman.” What a load of fresh, runny, stinky Schiff that is! Yeah, everybody teaches their kids to strap on bomb belts & blow up their other brothers, sure they do- NOT! No, it’s almost all retarded 7th century barbarian savages that do that, and they have an evil ideology known as islam which is incompatible with civilization.

    This whole affair is phony, just like “Russian collusion” it’s a load of bullSchiff. This hoax was committed to promote gun control and dhimmitude, and what a huge success it’s been! We’ve seen their weak as piss PM parading around in a slave costume kissing moslem butt, their weak as piss government banning everything in sight, and since those sheep, sorry “subjects,” don’t have any rights they can’t even examine the evidence to see it’s a fraud; which it is. They have no freedom of speech or freedom to keep & bear arms, so those sheep are ready to be shorn!

    I am not advocating for anyone to break the law, but if you live in a free country then you should see what a poorly made fake this “streaming video” actually is. It’s got lots of green-screen special effects like cartridge cases vanishing in midair, quiet shotgun blasts that don’t hurt anyone’s eardrums when fired INSIDE A CAR, and which don’t even blow out the windshield when fired from point-blank range! Lots of “victims” who we never see the faces of, who don’t move when they’re shot- in fact they’re already piled up in heaps, just like a pile of crash test dummies. I also found it interesting that there’s little to no gunsmoke, unlike any indoor range I’ve ever been to. Makes me wonder just what those weapons are; no gunsmoke, little recoil, very quiet, disappearing cartridge cases- hmm, maybe it’s a phased pulse rifle in the 40 watt range!

    Here’s a link to someone who’s done a great job analyzing the video, and it contains links for you to check for yourselves, if you can do that legally; I’d advise using a VPN, because some very powerful people want this hoax to be seen as truth, rather than as the fraud it is; take no chances, you don’t want to end up just like some “friends of Hillary” if you know what I mean!

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