We should line up Border Patrol agents 200 yards apart, a quarter mile back from our borders.

Each one has a 100 yard radius to control.

As soon as the spot an illegal crossing over they fire a shot into the ground 300 yards north of the border. If the illegal insists on continuing, another shot is fired. Once they reach 200 yards into the country they get killed.

Do that one or twice and I guarantee you the rest will all go back.

It’s what we need right now:

Mexico is bracing for the “mother of all caravans,” after Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero warned on Wednesday “We have information that a new caravan is forming in Honduras, that they’re calling ‘the mother of all caravans,’ and they are thinking it could have more than 20,000 people.”

The figure has been disputed by activists such as Irineo Mujica of group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, who has accompanied several caravans in Mexico and said in a statement that “there has never been a caravan of the size that Sanchez Cordero mentioned.”

According to AP, past caravans have hit “very serious logistical hurdles at 7,000 – strong.”

Honduran activist Bartolo Fuentes, who accompanied a large caravan last year, dismissed the new reports as “part of the U.S. government’s plans, something made up to justify their actions.”

Later Thursday, Honduras’ deputy foreign minister, Nelly Jerez, denied that a “mother of all caravans” was forming in her country.

“There is no indication of such a caravan,” Jerez said. “This type of information promotes that people leave the country.” -AP

Sánchez Cordero made the comments alongside US Secretary of Homeland Security earlier this week in Miami, Florida.

Meanwhile, around 2,500 Central Americans and Cubans are currently making their way through Mexico’s southern state of Chipas right now in yet another caravan. Last year’s caravans contained up to 10,000 people at some points.

Mexico’s tolerance for the caravans is wearing thin it seems, as they have stopped giving migrants humanitarian visas at the border, while some previously hospitable towns along the well-traveled route are have stopped allowing caravans to spend the night.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday that Mexico is doing its part to fight immigrant smuggling.

“We are going to do everything we can to help. We don’t in any way want a confrontation with the U.S. government,” he said. “It is legitimate that they are displeased and they voice these concerns.”

Sanchez Cordero has pledged to form a police line of “containment” around Mexico’s narrow Tehuantepec Isthmus to stop migrants from continuing north to the U.S. border.

The containment belt would consist of federal police and immigration agents, but such highway blockades and checkpoints have not stopped large and determined groups of migrants in the past. -AP

System-wide meltdown

In a Thursday letter to the House and Senate, Homeland Secretary Nielsen made an “urgent request” for assistance to stop what she described as a tide of migrants overwhelming the border, according to CBS News.

“DHS facilities are overflowing, agents and officers are stretched too thin, and the magnitude of arriving and detained aliens has increased the risk of life-threatening incidents,” wrote Nielsen – citing the increasing number of migrants arriving each month in large groups.

Nielsen wrote that her “greatest concern was for the children,” as Customs and Border Protection currently has over 1,200 unaccompanied children in custody. The Trump administration has been widely criticized for earlier policies towards migrant children, such as separating families and keeping minors in poorly equipped detention facilities.

Nielsen also asked for more detention facilities in her letter, a point of disagreement which nearly led to a second shutdown this year. Democrats have reasoned that capping Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s detention beds would force the administration to narrow its ramped-up deportation efforts.

Nielsen said that the Department of Health and Human Services would require more emergency resources such as medical and legal assistance to handle the influx of children. She also asked that Congress grant more authority to DHS to return unaccompanied migrant children from Central America to their countries, saying that putting these minors in the custody of sponsors in the U.S. becomes a “pull” factor for more migrants to make the trip north. -CBS News

“Let me be clear: the journey of any migrant — especially at the hands of a smuggler or trafficker — is not a safe one,” reads the letter. “We must be able to come together on a bipartisan basis to take action.”

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I’m hoping Trump closes the border ASAP. Call in A-10 Hogs to deliver 30mm BBs and cluster.

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    Nope, I’m not in favor of wasting ammo with warning shots. Cross the border anywhere other than at the official crossing points and you get shot. Period. Issue the troops grenade launchers and light RPG launchers to stop vehicles. Yeah, have a few A-10s on standby in case the beaners try and come over with armored vehicles.

    This is war. It’s an invasion. And Mexico is acting as an enemy. Time to deal with all of it.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    I think President Trump will make good on his threat to close off the border.
    I find it ironic that economic illiterates who make up the kept whores in the
    media are predictably screaming about economic repercussions. For all
    the talk of economic doom, the trade tariffs (if any have actually been imposed)
    have resulted in no economic repercussions.

    It is my theory that threats of tariffs are nothing more than a bargaining chip.
    The one ace up President Trump’s sleeve is that Mexico, Canada, and
    China all have more to lose in a trade war than we do and they know it.
    I am going to have to reexamine what I believe about the Smoot Hawley
    trade tariffs and their connection to the Great Depression. The conventional
    wisdom says Smoot Hawley (which was enacted in the year following
    what might have been a mild recession) turned it into the Great Depression.

    According to conventional wisdom, the mere threat of tariffs should have
    sent the stock markets into a death spiral. Instead, the DJIA grew by
    50 percent since Trump was elected.

    Either the parameters between today and 1930 are different, or the C/W
    on trade tariffs is a false assumption. It might just be that America so
    much richer and more powerful than were in pre-WWII America or there
    are flaws in the conventional wisdom.

    Seal the border, President Trump! You just told the Mexican border if they
    do not clamp down on illegal immigration, the border gets shut down. The
    fucking cartels will be lobbying the Mexican government to clamp down
    on illegal immigration because the drug end of the business is far more
    profitable than the people smuggling end!

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