We’re supposed to be impressed this woman put together “a staggering 152 meals and 228 snacks” just weeks before having her FOURTH CHILD……with absolutely no mention of a husband or boyfriend yet she lives in what appears to be a very nice house.

And all the meals are vegan. Gotta wonder about the health of the kids and her new baby sucking on a tit that probably has low nutrition milk.

Maybe I’m supposed to be impressed but for three weeks every year I cook enough food for about 400 meals and while they’re on the stove top or slow cooker I use the oven to bake hundreds of cookies. The meals all get put into two-serving containers, frozen, removed from the containers, double-foil wrapped, labeled and they, along with the cookies go into the deep freeze.

It’s really no big deal.

But because she’s pregnant … and vegan …. and losing weight…..OOOOOH!!!! Wonderwoman!!

Where’s MY story? hahahahaha

A savvy mother-to-be has revealed how she prepared a staggering 152 meals and 228 snacks at 37 weeks pregnant in preparation for her baby’s birth.

Jessica May Magill, from Sydney, decided to get ready for her fourth baby’s impending arrival because she wanted to make those sleep-deprived early days of a new baby easier for her whole family.

With swollen ankles and near-ready to pop, Jessica cooked up an impressive array of snacks, pre-school meals and more for her family.

‘I am almost 37 weeks with my fourth bubba and my eldest is only 4, so life is about to get (even more) crazy!,’ Jessica explained.

‘I spent today in the kitchen and while I no longer have ankles, I now have two full freezers ready for when bub arrives!’.

So what did the mother-to-be make?

Jessica whipped up 12 servings of San Choy Bo, 12 servings of meatballs, 8 serves of Lentil Patties and Devilled Sausages, 8 serves of Chorizo Pasta and Lentil Bolognese, 8 serves of Vegetarian Chilli and four serves of Bean and Corn Enchiladas.

She also prepared 8 serves of Peanut Butter Chicken Curry, 24 kids’ serves of ‘Hulk’ Mac and Cheese and Vegetarian Sausage rolls, 28 serves of Loaded Veggie Sausage Rolls and 32 serves of Choc Chip Banana Bread.

Finally, she added 18 serves of Peanut Bubble Crunch, 12 serves of 5 Ingredient Choc Chip Fudge, 20 serves of Bounty Bites and 24 serves of Wholemeal Choc Chip Muffins.

Jessica has been following the global weight loss program, The Healthy Mummy, for years now – even losing an impressive 17 kilograms by following its healthy eating regime.

‘All up I made 152 serves of dinner/lunch and 228 snacks!,’ Jessica said.

‘I know I will be starving while breastfeeding and my kids are massive snackers, so now I can relax and know we all have healthy options sorted.’

This isn’t the first time Jessica has done a giant meal prep with the help of The Healthy Mummy.

At 14 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, Jessica set out to make 43 meals and 38 snacks for under $120 in just a few hours.

‘I want to show mums that eating well doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming,’ she said.

Speaking about her top tips for meal preppers, Jessica said it’s important to be organised and methodical.

‘Pick recipes with similar ingredients so you can buy in bulk and save money,’ she said.

‘It also helps to make double batches of the same recipe – again this saves money but it also only takes a few extra minutes for a lot of extra food.’

Jessica said she thinks carefully about what she is making and ‘organise yourself so you’re making the recipes that take longest first’.

‘Start a lasagne first so that it can bake in the oven while you whip up a soup or bolognese,’ she said.

‘Clean as you go, there’s nothing worse than finishing a big prep and having to clean up.

‘Then, shop fruit and veg in season – I always swap vegetables around to suit our taste and budget. Frozen fruit and vegetables are often cheaper too.’

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