DRACO – The Most Badass Monster Bush Plane Ever

I would sure like a ride with this guy:

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2 Responses to DRACO – The Most Badass Monster Bush Plane Ever

  1. drew45.8 says:

    Looks like it needs about 50 yards to take off or land in. Awesome. Wonder if it also floats with those massive tires?

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I was on a Blog yesterday and clicked on a video of STOL competitions in
    Valdez Alaska. A stripped down classic Piper Cub took off in less than 18
    feet and landed in 10.

    Today got hit with a recommendation from Youtube. Same thing as this
    plane, except bigger and roomier. It can carry 10 people or any combination
    of people and cargo. It can even be used as a flying ambulance and can
    take palette sized loads so it can be loaded with a forklift or from a pickup
    truck. It can also be fitted with carbon fiber floats making it an ideal
    bush plane:

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