Migration That’s Going To Hurt America

There’s a mass exodus of Californians to states like Nevada and Arizona.

Data continue to demonstrate that many Californians are growing weary of their state’s highly regulated, fiscally confiscatory, infamously left-wing governance. As the libertarian Cato Institute noted in its most recent “Freedom In The 50 States” rankings:

California is one of the least free states in the country, largely because of its long-standing poor performance on economic freedom. Given this, it is likely no surprise that the Golden State is the most cronyist state in the union. …

Despite Proposition 13, California is one of the highest-taxed states in the country. California’s combined state and local tax collections were 10.8 percent of adjusted personal income. …Local taxes are about average nationally, while state taxes are well above average. …

Regulatory policy is even more of a problem for the state than fiscal policy. California is one of the worst states on land-use freedom. Some cities have rent control, new housing supply is tightly restricted in the coastal areas despite high demand, and eminent domain reform has been nugatory. The state even mandates speech protections in privately owned shopping malls. Labor law is anti-employment …

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal profiled the extent to which Californians are increasingly willing to flee their state and its government’s overbearing nature. The Journal reports:

California has been losing more residents than it gains from other states for years, even though its population of 40 million keeps growing from births and foreign immigration.But the outflow has accelerated lately. Net migration to other parts of the U.S. from the nation’s largest state was more than 100,000 in 2015, 2016 and 2017, according to the Census Bureau. Total emigration from California to other states between 2006 and 2017 was 1.24 million, according to the Census Bureau, third highest in the nation behind only New York and Illinois.

Thing is these same Californians are responsible themselves for these problems.   They’re the ones who voted in liberal Democrats to rule their state and create the taxes and burdens that are causing them to leave.

What’s dangerous is these people are taking their liberal political beliefs with them and infecting the states and communities they move into.   Nevada has elected a Democrat governor and both senators are Democrats.    In Arizona they elected a Democrat to the US Senate over a Republican who is a retired USAF Colonel with combat experience; Arizona is suppose to be very pro-military.   These people are like Muslims who flee the shitholes in the Middle East and then want their new communities in America to become like the shitholes they fled.

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3 Responses to Migration That’s Going To Hurt America

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Bob, I have a different take on economic migration from high tax to low tax
    states. Why do people assume that all migration from New York or Marxifornia
    to Flordia or Arizona is going to result in a demographic shift from right to left?
    I was in my early 20s when the cock-smoking faggot who recently vacated
    the governor’s mansion was serving his first two terms. By the time he left
    office, he was the most hated man in the state of California.

    The then governor of Arizona called Jerry Brown the greatest governor Arizona
    ever had because he drove more businesses and individuals to move to his state
    than at any time in history. He also joked that the Arizona State Legislature was
    considering a bill to change the state bird to a crane.

    Has anyone considered that the majority of people fleeing high tax states will be
    at the very least right of center? Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos live in the state of
    Washington (which is a liberal shit-hole,) but it has no state income tax. Tim
    Cook of Apple lives in Palo Alto Marxifornia and Warren Buffet lives in a low tax
    midwestern state but neither of them gives a shit because they are using the
    capital gains tax dodge.

    I would posit the theory that most wealth creators did not get that way by being
    stupid. Only the destroyers of wealth like Ted Kennedy or James Taggart fit
    that bill. Most of the wealthy people who fled from Marxifornia or New York
    are not stupid. They are playing the role of what Ayn Rand called “pull
    peddlers.” The petty capitalists abandoning these high tax states are, for
    the most part no different from the working class Deplorables who escaped
    economic oppression in Brown’s first two terms as governor of Marxifornia.

    Here is my ultimate question Bob: What if the net effect of economic migration
    from high tax states to low tax is to make red states redder and blue states
    bluer? If my theory is correct, that would actually weaken the voting power
    in blue states and cities and strengthen the red states. It would also have
    the effect of transforming purple states into red states. In short, it will rob the
    blue states of representation in the House of Representatives.

    Case in point: There are probably far fewer illegal aliens voting in our elections
    than there are counted in the census. Someone pointed out recently that if
    someone falsely claimed to be a citizen (under penalty of perjury,) that would
    result in the loss of at least 40 House seats for the Democrats. Trust me when
    I say this, the vast majority of New York citizens fleeing to Florida are not the
    kind of people to vote for a gay, black, faggot who is under investigation for
    political corruption!

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    “Trust me when I say this, the vast majority of New York citizens fleeing to Florida are not the
    kind of people to vote for a gay, black, faggot who is under investigation for political corruption!”


    Leonard, Liberal New York/New Jersey Jews have been retiring to Florida since I was knee-high to a grasshopper in the 40s. They went for the sunshine, but brought their fucking Socialist culture with them. Florida is only hanging on to it’s “pink state” status because of older Cuban immigrants and poor white folks who migrated from Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

  3. Eskyman says:

    I’m calling BULLSHIT on this crap that I see all over the net, that “these same Californians are responsible themselves for these problems. They’re the ones who voted in liberal Democrats” NO WE DIDN’T! Me and those I know haven’t EVER voted for a Democrat, but we’re OUTNUMBERED by liberals and now illegal aliens, who VOTE, and whose votes are counted by CROOKS so there’s only one outcome!

    We’re the ones who set up & went to the GUN SHOWS that our goddammed liberal neighbors banned, the ones who voted for the LOSING Republican candidates, the ones who PROTEST the high taxes & idiocies of our state gov’t, the ones who are in DESPAIR because there’s no end in sight to the madness but who are POWERLESS to do anything about it.

    I am SICK and TIRED of being blamed for all the ills of the whole goddam country, and now I get flak from people who SHOULD BE on MY side!

    Take a look at YOUR OWN schools, universities, teacher’s unions, churches, and you’ll see where the rot starts: with our CHILDREN, who are brainwashed into believing this CRAP! Guess what, it’s even happening in Texas; so have Texans all gone mad, or could it be that somebody’s doing something right there under their own noses!

    Wake up, the rot’s in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TOO, and conservative Republicans fleeing the madness of California did NOT bring it, but YOU BETTER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Or you’ll end up just like we have, wanting to move to a sane place that resembles what the USA- and California too- used to be!

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