Is it any surprise he’s butt-fucking a dead woman?

A homeless man pleaded guilty on Monday to breaking into a Georgia funeral home in 2015 and having sex with a woman’s corpse.

Domonique Cordero Smith, now 29, broke into Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service at 2919 Hamilton Road and had anal sex with a woman’s corpse on February 9, 2015.

The man had been seen on surveillance footage walking into the room where the body was located twice.

He was even seen taking a pair of underwear from the body that he then stashed in his backpack, the Ledger-Inquirer reports.

Police eventually found the man at around noon in a vacant Columbus home on the 500 block of 23rd Street.

Judge Ron Mullins had sentenced the man to 20 years in prison with 15 to serve for first-degree burglary and necrophilia.

But Assistant DA George Lipscomb made the distinction that Smith should have been charged with second-degree burglary. First-degree often applies to residential break-ins.

On Tuesday, Smith was re-sentenced to 15 years in prison with 12 to serve and three on probation.

Smith was found competent to stand trial but it was revealed that he suffered from a mental illness, which he revealed during the sentencing.

‘I think all of us would agree he’s got some issues,’ Lipscomb added.

Three psychological evaluations were conducted to determine if he was competent to stand trial. Two conducted at the West Central Georgia Regional Hospital found him to be competent while a private one did not.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Come on, give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He probably though it was a Micro Brewery and stopped in for “a cold one”.

  2. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    (ouch!) Well played, Boggy.

    Too bad too many of the mental hospitals have been closed, he could have been incarcerated in one for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    What’s the big deal? Any port in a storm applies here. I was too young at
    the time but how many of you older guys would have taken a turn at
    Marylin Monroe if you had access to the L.A. coroner’s office in 1962 and
    decomposition had not yet set in?

    About once a year Bill Handel does a bit called Necrophilia, The Victimless Crime.
    It’s one of his funniest routines!

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