Story makes it sound like a former governor refused to give up his seat for a comedienne.

Apparently if you’re a white male you have to surrender to gyno-sexuals and the illiterate social media dumbfucks are so conditioned to this they can’t formulate logical conclusions so they’ve got their collective kotexes in a wad.

Kasich stood his ground because he paid for that seat and it was the airline that fucked up. They should have put the pilot in cattle class and if he wasn’t ready to fly then that should not be Kasich’s problem.

Former Ohio governor John Kasich has been shamed for stealing another passenger’s first class seat on an Alaska Airlines flight after being bumped out of his own to make room for a pilot.

Kasich, 66, was flying from JFK in New York to San Francisco on January 16 – two weeks after handing over the governorship and his access to state planes to Mark DeWine – when he took comedian Julie Klausner’s seat.

According to Klausner, who shared details of their run-in on Twitter and later in a podcast, Kasich had been behaving ‘like an a**hole’ long before they even boarded the plane and was talking obnoxiously on his cell phone in the airline’s first class lounge.

He got on the plane first and, according to Klausner, was told that he could not sit in his seat because it had been given to a pilot who had been scheduled to fly at the other end of the journey at the last minute.

To make sure the pilot would get enough sleep during the 6 hour flight before he had to commandeer his own aircraft, he was given Kasich’s more comfortable seat and the politician was told he would have to sit in the premium economy cabin.

He was bumped out instead of anyone else because, according to Klausner, he paid the least for his ticket.

But instead of moving down a cabin, the Republican politician moved into Klausner’s seat, thinking it was empty.

He then allegedly made a phone call to a friend where he ‘complained’ about the pilot while he was in earshot.

By the time Klausner got on on the plane, Kasich had settled in and, she claims, did nothing as she and the airline staff stood in front of him trying to find a solution.

Unaware of who he was, Klausner offered to take a later flight because, she said, she did not want the airline staff to confront Kasich again and ‘make a stink’.

‘I am standing at the front and John Kasich is sitting there, either talking on his cell or on his cell phone.

‘He knows I’m standing right in front of him because that’s my seat. Finally a ticket agent comes on the plane and looks and sees that John Kasich is sitting there and he shook his head and he says, “This guy was downgraded and he refused to go into the seat he was newly assigned and he sat in yours and that’s your seat,”” Klausner said in her podcast.

‘Instead of saying, OK I’m going to go sit in 12C which has the extra legroom, she said it was premium and not economy, he got really mad and was a total d**k to the staff and sat in my seat instead.

‘That is what was told to me,’ she added.

The staff told her that to remain standing at the front of the plane until everyone had boarded, she said, and vowed to resolve it once the doors were closed – something she did not want

‘I pulled the flight attendant aside and I said, “Listen, I can tell this guy is an a**hole and he is going to make a stink if you make him move so if it will make things easier, I will go on a later flight,’ she said.

It was only then that she texted a friend a photograph of Kasich and learned who he was, she said.

She then put a photograph of Kasich sitting in her seat on her Instagram story and promptly took to Twitter to relay the whole debacle to her fans.

Kasich, a Trump opponent and staunch pro-lifer, was served as the Governor of Ohio from 2011 until 2019.

He endorsed his replacement, Rep. Mark DeWine, last year. Since leaving office, he has taken a position as a senior political commentator at CNN.

According to Klausner, when he was talking on the phone in the airline lounge, he said, ‘loudly’: ‘The people at CNN were so nice.’

Speaking on her podcast, she said she assumed he was a ‘douchebag businessman’ who wanted people to hear that he had been at the network.

‘I was in the lounge and I noticed this guy with grey hair who was just a f***** asshole. He was talking on his cell phone really loudly in the middle of the lounge and he said, “The people at CNN were so nice.”

‘And he said that so loudly that,”I was like I’m going to remember that.” Just clocking that there’s a douchebag near me,’ she said.

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  1. BobF says:

    Kasich is an A-Hole. He’s trying hard to make himself relevant. Him and CNN deserve each other.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    “Kasich is an A-Hole.”….Ya beat me to it Bob. Yup the possible (HAH) presidential candidate challenger in 2020 to Trump is just a whiney Liberal and most of us know it. But the “Never Trumpers” will lick his ass while the Democrats laugh. Too bad they didn’t toss him out at 32,000.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    It’s unanimous, Kasich is an asshole and a dickhead and a dumbfuck RINO to
    boot, but if this story happened as it was written, I can’t blame him for this.

  4. dekare says:

    oh no…being busted down to premium economy. I’ve sat in premium economy…and it’s downright first class by most standards…and is in no way even close to the horrible “coach” seats. Just as roomy as first class, way more leg room than even a tall person would need, full recline, your own armrest, and your own screen, etc. The seat in front of you is so far away, you cannot even touch it siting down. To snub your nose at having to sit in premium economy shows that you are a true arrogant POS snob. Why did the airlines not remove kasich? Why were they afraid to move him? If it was you or me…we would be made to move or escorted from the plane and charged with a crime. Or is kasich better than the rest of us?

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