Of course, she was the one removed from the plane. But not before excoriating the virtue signalers, trying to prove they weren’t “ray-ciss” when they called her mean, by telling them, “YOU sit between them, then.”

A rude plane passenger had a meltdown because she had to sit inbetween two “big” passengers.

The unidentified woman insulted two fellow United Airlines fliers she was sat between, later describing them as “pigs”.

The outburst was captured on camera by one of the two passengers sitting next to the woman, on the flight from Las Vegas to New Jersey.

“Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to do this for the next four hours,” the woman begins.

“This is just impossible cause they’re squishing me. Like, just unbelievable.”

The woman goes onto that she can’t even sit back in the seat because Norma and the other passenger, Mac, “are both so big”.

“At least they’ll keep me warm,” she scoffed.

After being hurtled with several more foul-mouthed remarks, Norma – a nurse – eventually responds saying “B**h, please” as the woman continues laughing.

“Excuse me, can you find her another seat? Because I will not be verbally abused by this b***h or anybody else,” continues Norma.

“I will not be verbally abused by anybody. I’m not tolerating it.”

Norma, a nurse, asked a stewardess to find the woman another seat (Image: FACEBOOK/Norma Rodgers)

As a flight attendant shepherds the woman away to find another seat, she remarks “thank goodness”, before pointedly saying towards Norma and Mac that she “eats salads”.

Other passengers aboard the plane made their disgust towards the woman known as she walks towards the back of the aircraft.

“What you’re doing is so terrible,” said one passenger. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

The woman angrily replies to another passenger “Why don’t you try and sit between those two big pigs?”

After several complaints from passengers the woman was removed from the flight.

Since Norma uploaded the four-minute clip it’s been viewed more than 2.3 million times on Facebook .

“My old days would’ve been to beat the b***h’s ass. The politically correct Norma called to speak with supervisors and asked she be moved,” Norma said in the video’s caption.

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  1. Eskyman says:

    The woman kicked off has my sympathy, but she’s a fool. Anybody with half a brain knows that you can’t simply call big or fat people names & expect to get anywhere. I’m surprised nobody hit her with “rayciss” because she’s white & the two big people were black, so she’s lucky she escaped that charge. Just about everything that white woman did was guaranteed to get her a big “FAIL,” and the proof’s in the fact that no one on the plane spoke up for her.

    A sensible person in that situation would’ve quietly called the stewardess, explained very softly & apologetically that she suffers from claustrophobia/whatever & will need a supply of barf bags, because she’ll be very ill the whole flight due to being stuck in such a small area. She should tell those large seatmates the same; ask if they’d help hold her while she’s spewing, and that she’s really really sorry to be such a nuisance, ask them to call for help if she passes out, and ask for towels so they can protect their clothes! And all the time apologizing for being such a problem to them all; sorry, sorry, sorry.

    In about the time it takes a hummingbird to blink, she’d be in a different seat, with a good chance it’d be in business or first class.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    The second reference to an out of state job today. After one month in December
    1999 in Northern Washington state, we had one month off and went back for
    another month in February. Someone at work booked us on an Air Alaska
    flight, possibly the very plane crashed off the coast of California for the second
    trip. So we went with Delta. After 9-11, I reflected on those trips to Washington.

    There were about a dozen Millwrights on both flights, half of which were members
    of the heavyweight division. As if we really needed them, the entire crew was
    sporting Buck and Schrade knives, or Leatherman multi-tools. I am over six-two
    and I looked like Billy Barty next to Little Timmy Duff. The mandated Nomex
    coveralls for refinery work had to be custom made for Tim. Tim had a sweet
    disposition but he was built like King Kong Bundy and had a black belt in martial arts.

    I often wondered why in their infinite fucking wisdom the government banned small
    knives on commercial airlines. With or without them, any follower of the pedophile
    profit would have had a bad day one either of those two flights. Little Timmy
    would have been grabbing them by the ankles and snapping their legs like wish-
    bones! We would have had a field day if Mohammed wanted to come out and
    play with us. And for craps sake I took a one-quart Thermos filled with coffee
    on both flights!

  3. BobF says:

    The woman complaining wasn’t that small herself.

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