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10 Responses to TODAY’S OPEN THREAD

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    cold here last night. My outdoor thermometer (sheltered from the 20+mph wind) read 18F at 7 AM. I thought we had it bad here in Western NC, but when I heard it’s so cold in Rapid City South Dakota that the door knobs were cracking and falling off the doors I knew 18F was like a balmy day.

  2. taminator013 says:

    Yeah, not quite as cold as SD here in SW PA, but it was zero this morning with a wind chill of -17F. Tomorrow morning it’s supposed to be -7F. I already sent out an email letting the trap shooters at my club that the range will be closed tomorrow. No way, no how I’m even leaving the house when it’s that cold. They can call me a wimp or a wuss or a soy boy, but I don’t care. I’m putting on my flannel jammies, climbing into my Snuggie and having a cup of hot cocoa…………

  3. BobF says:

    Nothing more irritating than standing in the checkout line of the grocery store behind some healthy young male paying for his food purchase with two different types of food stamps. Pays for half his purchases with one type and the other with the second type. Then, something doesn’t qualify for the type of welfare he’s using and he wants to know why. Employers here are looking for workers and are paying good wages and this clown is on welfare.

  4. redneckgeezer says:

    Was a balmy 5F when I woke up today.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Yup, I get behind the EBT cards (multiple) lots of times at the supermarket. Most of the users of these cards I’m paying for are young 300 lbs. overweight women covered in tats.

    We’re DOOMED!

  6. Leonard Jones says:

    I would be roasting out here in the High Desert with temperatures in the 30s to
    the mid-20s, if not for the fact that I can no longer tolerate cold weather. I spent
    all of December 1999 and February of 2000 in Northern Washington state in a
    constant drizzle and temperatures in the low to mid-20s. I could handle it a
    lot better back then.

    Every fucking morning the first thing everyone in the crew did was look up for
    signs of the number one greenhouse gas (cloud cover) when we left the hotel.
    Clouds meant a tolerable day at the refinery. Clear skies meant you were going
    to freeze your balls off. And every morning on the drive to work some local
    asshole was peddling his ass off in speedos at 25 degrees. I wanted to shoot
    the fucker on the second stint, but the airline wouldn’t let me bring a gun!

  7. Leonard Jones says:

    You cannot make this shit up! Cameltoe “da ho” Harris has the liberal media asking
    the same question that was asked about Ubangi: “Is he black enough?” Limbaugh
    just dug up Paul Shanklin doing Al Tawana Sharpton singing Barack The Magic

    This just screams for a change in lyrics. Cameltoe de Magic Negress…… It would have
    to include lines about her lying on her back with her legs in the air:

  8. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    What? No woman to snuggle with to help keep you warm? You know that 98+98=196, don’t you?

  9. taminator013 says:

    Woody, what woman in her right mind would want a decrepit old man like me?

  10. Leonard Jones says:

    This just in:

    Nike is now the official sponsor of the Cameltoe presidential campaign:

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