Putin’s Plan To Destroy America

We hears so much from the Democrats how President Trump is Putin’s Puppet and how him and Russia helped Trump to get elected.   According to Democrats, the list below is what Putin wanted.

Strengthen America’s Economy by bringing unemployment below 4%

Increase America’s GDP for 2018 to 3.5%

Increase American steel manufacturing.

Bring new weapon systems on line like the F-35 and develop the B-21

Increase US defense spending

Strengthen NATO by forcing members to increase their defense spending.

Strengthen US ties with Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey

Bring back talks with Poland to base Aegis defense missiles there.

Get North Korea to halt missile testing and open talks for nuclear disarmament.

Get US to enforce the “line in the sand” by launching missile strikes against Syria, causing his own advisors to suffer casualties.

Increased sanctions against Russia

Get first president elected to take steps strengthening US electrical grid against EMP

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2 Responses to Putin’s Plan To Destroy America

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Yup, Putin’s is Trump’s bestest bud. The real villains are Julian Assange, Roger Stone, Ted Cruz, Mike Flynn and the #1 spy closest to the president Melania.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    This is too good to pass up. The Clinton/Ubangi/DNC and the deep state were
    all involved in this 2+ year Russian collusion bullshit. Ubangi imposed sanctions
    on Russia based on something he knew was a fucking lie. The only adult in the
    room in 2016 calling for these bogus sanctions to be rescinded was candidate
    Trump. While this bolstered the magpies on the left who were crowing collusion,
    Trump’s comments were and still are valid.

    Trump is one of the few people on the left or right who knows that Putin is an evil
    sack of shit that cannot be trusted any farther than he can be thrown. Having said
    that, Trump’s every move has been to the detriment of Russian strategic aims.
    Russia, while no longer communist is still siding with the goat-fuckers over Israel
    and America’s rivals and enemies over our friends and allies. All Russia did was
    replace one ruling oligarchy with another. They are still supporting Muslim terrorists
    and communist regimes all over the planet. The usual suspects (Russia and China)
    are still beating their chests and threatening us with nuclear weapons if we take
    strong measures against the Norks, Iran, Cuba, and every other one of their
    client states.

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