Thief tries to steal from preacher.

Suffers heart attack for his efforts.

It’s Brazil. You can bet the thief was a ground ape.

This is the shocking moment a thief suffers a fatal heart attack while attempting to mug an evangelical pastor.

CCTV footage shows three men slowly approach the pastor’s car, which was parked on a residential street in Guarulhos, a city near Sao Paulo, southeastern Brazil.

The bandits surrounded the vehicle’s driver and front passenger side doors on Sunday night before the robbery went horribly wrong.

Moments later, the suspect pried the door open but suddenly collapsed on the pavement after suffering a fatal heart attack.

An accomplice, who was standing just a few feet the right of the dead suspect, ran away while the other suspect remained by the front passenger door.

After a car drove by, the scared suspect ran back to his unconscious friend and dragged him while trying to revive him.

A woman walked out of the vehicle and the pastor then followed, the pair standing far away from the thugs.

The frightened thief then ran around the car and disappeared from view.

A couple of seconds later, the third mugging suspect appeared from the right-hand side of the vehicle with an object that looks like a handbag.

He then checked on the dead man and frantically paced around before reaching into the area inside the driver’s seat.

The suspect then appeared to fire a shot in direction of the pastor before making his getaaway.

No arrests have been reported.

Authorities have not released the man’s name or age.

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