Mother screams at judge after he sentences her to two years for killing her daughter:

A mother screamed obscenities in a courtroom after being sentenced to 18 months in jail over the death of her daughter in Ohio.

Tierra Williams, 23, had left daughter, Wynter Parker, with the girl’s father when she went out February 2, 2018.

But when she returned home two hours later to the Akron home, she found the little girl ‘frozen’ on the porch on what had been a freezing cold day, authorities claimed.

However Tierra reacted angrily when Summit County Judge Alison McCarty sentenced her to 18 months in jail, Akron Beacon Journal reported.

‘That is so f****d up,’ Tierra Williams, 23, shouted as a Summit County sheriff’s deputy put handcuffs on her wrists.

‘I’m so f*****g mad,’ she screamed.

Tierra and her ex-boyfriend, Dariaun Parker, 25, pleaded guilty to child endangering in November for Wynter Parker’s death.

Parker, who received two years in jail, pleaded guilty last November to child endangering, which carries a penalty of up to three years in prison. Both were hoping for probation, while prosecutors urged prison time.

Judge McCarty told told both that she will consider releasing them early.

Williams found her daughter, Wynter Parker, unconscious outside the family’s Willow Run apartment and made a frantic call to 911.

‘She’s frozen! She’s frozen,’ Williams told the dispatcher.

Williams, who was pregnant at the time, told police that she left Wynter with Dariaun Parker for about two hours while she was out with their 4-year-old son.

Parker lost track of Wynter on a day when Akron’s temperatures never rose higher than 19 degrees.

Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, Wynter, who hadn’t been wearing warm clothing or a coat, died from severe hypothermia.

The parents broke up after Wynter’s death, though they have been splitting custody of their two other children under the supervision of Summit County Children Services.

Angela Williams, Tierra’s mother, begged McCarty to give her daughter probation. She said her daughter is a good mother who made ‘one bad decision’ and has suffered enough.

‘We need to heal as a family and not be pulled apart with her being gone from her kids and her family,’ Angela Williams said.

After sentencing Parker said he wanted ‘to take full responsibility for what happened’ to his daughter.

‘I can’t tell you how sorry I am about what happened, it was a tragic accident, Akron Beacon Journal reported.

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  1. BobF says:

    Something doesn’t make sense to me. Mother leaves small child with the father for a couple of hours. Father looses track of child who ends up outside in freezing temperatures. Mother returns to find child frozen laying on the front porch. Mother gets sentenced to jail?

    There’s got to be more to the story? Also, what the heck kind of name is Wynter?

  2. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    This “mother” needs to have her tubes tied.

  3. Call me Infidel says:

    This should go in an open thread really but what the heck. A British member of parliament (socialist) was given a three month jail term for perverting the course of justice. She lied about a speeding ticket claiming she wasn’t the driver. Now there was a similar case involving another MP a while back this time a “Liberal” (aka an even bigger wanker than the socialist) called Chris Huhne. This clown got eight months after admitting to the offence.

    The one yesterday denied the offence and gets a mere three months??? She was a former lawyer to boot. Oh did I not mention her name? Fiona Onasanya, from that you might have an inkling of her ethnicity. Oh and not only that her drug dealing brother Festus who entered a guilty plea got ten months.

    To add insult to injury she plans on wasting even more court time and public money by appealing the sentence. Hopefully the judge hearing the appeal will increase the sentence, but to rub further salt into the wound this cunt will still be receiving her £77k $100K salary in the join and cant be forced to quit. They could be deselected if 10% of voters can get of their lazy arses and raise and objection otherwise she keeps her job.

    In other news a knife wielding dindu enricher with numerous previous convictions who was given a suspended sentence by another completely out of touch wanker of a judge had his sentence increased to three years jail time (which in reality will be 18months probably). The original judge should be disbarred and horse whipped.


  4. Eskyman says:

    Kinda surprising that this wonderful mum & dad didn’t warm their frozen kid up in the microwave, ain’t it?

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    Another lost meal ticket. When she gets out of jail, she will still be young enough
    to shit out more of them!

  6. grayjohn says:

    Sounds like bullshit it me.

  7. grayjohn says:

    Fingers on strike. Sorry.

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