Feel Good Photo of the Day

Found this on Ace. If it doesn’t warm your heart on this cold day, nothing will.

Can you believe the woman lush who almost became president is now signing books in a Costco, surrounded by workers who probably make $10-15 an hour?

None of us should EVER get tired of winning. HilLIARy is STILL not president. Bwahahaha….

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1 Response to Feel Good Photo of the Day

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    One of the first clues Hitlery was in deep shit on the campaign trail is that she
    couldn’t draw flies even if she took off her Depends. There was an image of
    her giving a speech atop a flatbed trailer in flyover country. There were about
    one dozen spectators at the event. I would not worry about Felonia von Pantsuit
    having too many unsold books. Fort Worthless Jim Wright the former Democrat
    Speaker of the House found the perfect book scam to enrich himself.

    He wrote a worthless book with blank and partially filled pages which was block
    sold to his supporters and campaign donors. They all ended up in boxes in the
    basements of union halls, lobby groups, etc. I am sure that the Communist
    lesbian in the Mao Jacket will have a best seller when all is said and done.

    The lesbian in the $12,000.00 Kirby Vacuum cleaner bag has something Jim
    Wright didn’t, her own foundation (AKA tax-exempt crime family slush-fund.)

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