Let’s End 2018 with Some Outrage

In 1981, Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner was assassinated/executed by Wesley Cook aka Mumia Abu-Jamal. Cook, a racist piece of shit Black Panther, shot and killed Faulkner at 3:55 am on December 9, 1981, close to the intersection at 13th and Locust streets. Danny Faulkner conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle belonging to and driven by William Cook, Wesley Cook’s younger brother. Faulkner and the younger Cook became engaged in a physical confrontation. Driving his cab in the vicinity, Wesley Cook observed the altercation, parked, and ran across the street toward his brother’s car. Faulkner was shot from behind and in the face, but was able to shoot Wesley Cook in the stomach. Faulkner died at the scene from the gunshot to his head.

Wesley Cook has become the most celebrated death row inmate in America over the past few decades. Hollyweirdos, human rights advocates, union leaders, educators, and countless leftist pricks worship him, calling for his release frequently. They’re closer to their goal than any time in the last 30+ years. Thursday, Philadelphia Judge Leon Tucker, granted Cook aka Abu-Jamal, an appeal to his 1981 murder conviction.

Maureen Faulkner, Danny’s widow, has had to live her life defending her husband and put up with all this leftist hero worship for decades. Now, she has to watch this go even further. The whole situation can be best described by the t-shirts that have been sold in Faulkner’s honor:

NEVER free Wesley Cook. Let this piece of human refuse waste away in his cell until the day he dies.

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  1. dekare says:

    The fact that it’s been almost 40 years and this POS is still pumping out carbon dioxide and contributing to global warming is amazing. There is NO FRICKIN WAY it should take this long to execute someone who has been convicted of murder…NO FRICKIN WAY.

    If I was the surviving spouse…I would find out who had access to him in prison (guard…other prisoners), and offer them $25K to see that he has an accident. DONE!!!! Better yet…I say release him…to the outside world…where there are no fences or wall to protect him, and the rest will take care of itself. I would take WEEKS to end this scumbag’s suffering. I would gain access to bags of blood and learn how to do a transfusion, and give him a dozen transfusions if need be to keep him alive. It would be the worst month of this scumbags life. He would BEG ME to kill him.

    Sorry…but that is the attitude you create when you treat the victims of murder and their family worse than the killer. Everyone who is shouting “FREE HIM”…I hope they have a loved one murdered most heinously, and let’s see how they feel about people on death row and the care and treatment of scumbag murderers.

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