Want to know why I think republicans are worthless?

To add to Ann Coulter’s reason, wherein they don’t have the balls to approve funding for a wall, I will add this.

What’s so goddam hard about telling states they MUST allow concealed carriers reciprocity.

There are just a few weeks left of having the White House and both chambers of Congress all controlled by Republicans.

That means it’s crunch time for those lawmakers who want to see some more of their top priorities get signed into law.

That includes one bill, which deals with gun rights and carrying concealed weapons across state lines.

Gun rights advocates say, this is the last shot – an opportunity to pass in the Senate what the U.S. House of Representatives already did in 2017- a law to allow people with a state issued concealed carry license or permit to conceal a handgun in any other state that allows concealed carry.

“We don’t like the idea that just because we’re going from one state to another our rights change, specifically our right to defend ourself,” said Kevin Michalowski, with U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

For Democrats, the bill was always a non-starter.

“Concealed reciprocity is an invitation to gun violence,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut Wednesday.

“I do not believe that you should undermine the abilities of states to pass their own laws, and that’s what this bill would do,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Maryland.

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  1. redneckgeezer says:

    There are almost no Republicans, only Republican’ts. Most of them are worthless. One of many examples would be Romney, who is no calling himself the “new” McCain. The old one was bad enough, having a new one will suck. The only thing I can think of in American politics worse than a Republican is a Democrat, or as most are known, a Communist.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    P.S. I forgot to add, “We’re DOOMED!”

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Hey redneck, (We’re DOOMED) that’s my copyrighted line:) I get royalties if you use it.

    I knew this reciprocity thing was dead when it first hit the new bill to be considered list. The Republicans are bigger assholes than the Democrats. At least the Democrats are open about wanting to destroy the United States Constitution. The Republicans can add “Hypocrite” to their resumes. I swear if I’m still breathing after I vote for Trump in 2020 I’m turning in my voter registration card. It’s not even good to use to wipe your ass with. Too irritating.

  4. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Again (as I said in a later posting, on asset forfeiture), this is a worthwhile goal, BUT, the Constitution is supposed to bind the FedGov, NOT the states.

  5. Eskyman says:

    Since the midterms I’ve been extremely depressed. President Trump’s election was a miracle, a Godsend; we really did have a chance to change directions & get our country turned away from the course of destruction we’ve been on for so many decades. But that blinding flash of light has been smothered by the darkness of the Deep State; the Uniparty has won after all, as the midterm elections demonstrated.

    President Trump, like Woody above, wants to & is trying to do things legally and in accordance with the Constitution; but he’s the only one trying to play by the rules. The Dems, RINOs & bureaucrats which make up the Uniparty have no rules, they only play to win, and they don’t seem to give a shit about destroying the country. Maybe they’re too self-centered and ignorant to know what they’re bringing about; whatever the reason is, our country is on its last legs & President Trump is standing alone trying to prevent that.

    This is yet another thing that President Trump would approve, if the bill ever got to his desk; but he can’t write the bill himself, and he’s not supported by the government he presides over. A thought that often passes my mind is that when our country was founded, the cities, counties, states that violated the principles of the Constitution were few, and it was easy to avoid them. Now they’re everywhere and unavoidable. They are like fire ants infesting a picnic ground. Back then people would’ve laughed if someone told them they can’t bring their guns with them while they travel but have to leave them at home; well, at first they’d have laughed, but then they’d shoot the jerk if he didn’t get out of their way. But President Trump can’t do this on his own even if he wanted to.

    Against him are not only The Usual Suspects: such as the FakeNewsMedia like CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, etc. (including most of Fox News;) all of Academia (including our children, brainwashed in public schools;) all of Hollywood & Entertainment industries; all the Big Tech including Apple, Google, Fakebook, Twatter, etc; Wall St & Big Business; the Democrats & the Communist Party (yeah, redundant) and the Stealth Democrats, AKA RINOs. Worst of all, even worse than the phony ersatz Republicans called RINOs, are the bureaucrats embedded in our local, State & Federal governments. They form a 5th Column that undermines any changes to make our country better.

    The “lifers” who’ve been working their way up to that big corner office in the Public Whatever Bureau, who make huge amounts of money, get huge benefits, and who CANNOT BE FIRED are the most dangerous opponents of all. Included here are the Black Robed Tyrants who’ve been appointed for a lifetime by left-wingers to serve left-wing causes, and the 9th Circus Court of No Appeal is a great example; anything President Trump does is stopped in its tracks until months or years later it appears at the Supreme Court of Black Robed Tyrants who might decide to follow that musty old document in the museum, but don’t bet on it. There are penumbras & emanations and farts from RBG that matter far more than that old Constitution to them!

    I’m still hoping, but the hope is fainter every day, that some or any of the felons that have caused so much damage to the USA, and who have weaponized & destroyed institutions like the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS- will be arrested & have to appear for trial. People like the Clintons, their friends & associates, the Obamas, people like Clapper & Comey & Eric Holder. But it’s never happening today, it’s always coming; it’s just around the bend, it’s on the horizon, it’s just over the hill. Well, I’m just about over the hill myself, and I think I’ll get there first.

    We had a really great country here, for a while. Sorry, Ben Franklin, you were right: “A republic, madame, if you can keep it.” We couldn’t.

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