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Latest on Camp Fire from Juan Browne

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You can go to this brothel in Hollywood and pay to fuck a robot. But the robot has to say she wants to be fucked. Who are the depraved assholes that come up with this shit? How long before some … Continue reading

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Look At How She Is Dressed

A woman was groped in a laundry room and it was caught on video.   What the guy did was wrong and he should be prosecuted but when you watch the video you’ll see the woman’s short dress was up exposing … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t know that if you travel to another country you need to check visa requirements? Apparently these morons who are now whining. A confused couple was booted off their cruise and left stranded in South Korea — and thousands … Continue reading

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Something Stinks To High Heaven

FBI raids home of whistle blower who had documents on Clinton Foundation. FBI agents raided the home of a recognized Department of Justice whistleblower who privately delivered documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, … Continue reading

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They lived well, dressed well, and when dead, got accessorized. Plague, famine and extreme poverty was not enough to stop women living in Britain during the Dark Ages caring about their appearance. Sixth-century women took pride in their looks and … Continue reading

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Kicked The Legs Right Out From Under Him.

Obama again claiming credit for which he not only had no part of but actually did his best to hinder while in office.   Former president of Shell Oil sets the record straight concerning Obama’s roll in the oil boom. Former … Continue reading

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